Do you know what are the benefits of apples?

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Do you know what are the benefits of apples?

Apples in the traditional medicine has had a major role in treatment, were being treated Valeonaon Baserh bowel disease, and other treats wounds and sores, and were using the powder mixing apples and breast milk treatment of conjunctivitis and arthritis, and Baserh cooked apples treated epilepsy.

The benefits of apples

1 - strengthens the brain, heart, stomach and facilitates digestion and is useful in treating diseases of joints and lives.
2 - enter in the installation of some drugs and go dyspnoea.
3 - active intestine and struggling and fighting chronic constipation to diarrhea in children.
4 - is useful in kidney stones and ureters and bladder stones of the solvent.

Soak apples and drink

1 - ease the pain, fever and activates the liver and calm down coughing.
2 - and out of sputum and rids the body of acids and fat.
3 - facilitates the secretion of salivary gland, intestines, and stimulates the heart.
4 - and removes fatigue and preserves the teeth from cavities and ease the pain of inflammation of the nerves.

Apple Pharmacy complete

Long Live healthy

Apples are very beneficial for women:
1 - keep hydrated.
2 - and renew their activities.

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