Diets rich in fruits and vegetables make you breathe deeply.

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Diets rich in fruits and vegetables make you breathe deeply.

- It is proven that reliance on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can protect from shortness of breath, Ozmat lung and chronic bronchitis. This is what it says a recent study published magazine (Parvenchen). The study was conducted on 18 thousand adults and found to be the difference in performance between lung function and diet Amotnip vegetables and fruits, and others, who Ehmlunha in their diet, similar to the difference in the performance of these functions among non-smokers and smoked one pack a day for ten years. This enormous difference between breathing comfortably and breathing difficulty attribute search to obtain breeder needs of fruit and vegetables on a larger amount of antioxidants in these foods.

- Fiber us to chew our food longer and give more full metal, and then make our meals more satisfying and prevents us from over-eating.

- Peel potatoes goes much fiber but contains (Alsolanin), an insecticide natural origin preferably avoided.

- Vegetables and fruits is not just a source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, Valenbatyon they get enough of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In each season there is a range we could choose what makes us avoid sodas and freezers. And dealing with fresh - or cooked for less time as possible - it gives us the utmost benefit.

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