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Doctors have warned of the negative effects of chewing gum on the jaw, despite the continuing belief of everyone that has benefits both
For digestion or perfuming the mouth or jaw muscles strengthen.

Where the use of muscles and joints of the jaw automatically in eating and speaking and swallowing his breath more than 1500 times a day and includes muscle contraction of the jaw until the applicable upper and lower teeth on each as research showed that the power generated from one bite occlusion for nine kilograms of force.

In the case of chewing gum, the amount of pressure generated by these muscles are so great that they affect inflation and jaw stress, discomfort and cramping as recent research has shown that the jaw muscles are very strong memory.

That this means "If it is the habit of chewing gum for a long time, muscles continue to contract even without him, causing shearing the teeth even without the presence of chewing gum, and therefore lack the comfort of temporal muscles and joints."

There are several symptoms known result of shearing the teeth is the occurrence of headaches and pain in different parts of the head and pain in the neck and shoulders, back of the neck of the district.

He explained that these symptoms can also muscle contraction of the jaw and amplified and a Trqap jaw during chewing of food and a constant pressure on the ear and the changing shape of the face muscles with the result of inflation erosion of the teeth and fragmented and driven by waves of sensitivity in the teeth of the cold and hot, as well as bone erosion of the roots of the installed Dental

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