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Vegetables should be washed well before eating

A good selection of Healthy Vegetables

Spread incidence of the larvae of worms and mice, wired scientific name Angiostrongylus cantonesis which cause an eosinophilic meningoencephalitis from eating green leafy vegetables, cooked food is not contaminated Bail middle of mollusks mollusk (snail) Kalmhar, snails, slugs and snails Snails and Sbidh friendly Almistorqp (a small flat worm) planarins or when eating fish Calcton Shellfish, shrimp and fish infected by, as are leafy vegetables contaminated Bhlzonyat small molluscs or mud (mud) Mollusk slime source of infection by the larvae of worms, mice, whether wired through the collection of snails and molluscs, or when prepared for cooking, and molluscs become when dealing with this parasite Erqath in rodent droppings infected mice.

The period of incubation of this disease in humans between one week and three weeks, and the larvae enter the lead length of 0.5 - 0.025 billion meters to the digestive system and then the blood to the invasion

Central nervous system of the injured, and caused by migration within the body of the victim to a serious damage in the tissues, and causes death to the emergence of inflammatory reactions, and published scientific reports on the infection of these parasites in Egypt and South East Asia, Nigeria, Brazil, Taiwan, China and others.

And is useful in preventing infection by the larvae of worms, mice, wired and cook Asalatton Shellfish (crab) and shrimp period of time ranging from 3-5 minutes, or frozen at a temperature of -15 C for a period of 24 hours before cooking, vegetables should be checked well, in particular paper to make sure it is free of molluscs and snails, whatever its size before

Dealt with, unfortunately, may not succeed laundering operations vegetables contaminated with parasites such as worms, larvae of wired mice to get rid of this parasite becomes a means of spreading contagion to consumers of the people.

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