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Studies in Germany have reached four pillars ease chronic headaches experienced by the patient and continue with three to four years, spokesman of the German Society of Neurology found that 70% of Germans are suffering from headaches two or three times a month.

According to the Chief Medical Officer Department of diseases of the brain and nerves in a Cologne hospital Merhaim the indicators of the presence of chronic headaches appear for 15 days or more per month for three consecutive months.

The researchers said: "Persons who suffer from headaches, constantly review the doctor's brain and nerves, because it has become possible to control the pain through the use of the multi-treatment".

And adopt the multi-treatment on four pillars:

The first pillar

Is the long-term medical treatment here and should be avoided drugs because of the pain killer for long periods covered cause many side effects in addition to its contribution to the exacerbation of headache may turn into chronic headaches.

The researchers say "usually described by doctors, drugs such as tricyclic Omitrbtelin Alternatively, substances that affect the chemical reactions that occur when organisms as well as in enzymatic factors for unilateral Secretary neurotransmitters (serotonin) in the brain and makes you less sensitive to pain."

Pillar II

Is behavioral therapy, says competent to relax in Munich, Susan Gross, "There's ways are helping to get rid of tension headaches, the first progressive muscle relaxation, which depends on the strain and relax certain muscle groups, which reduces the sense of a headache, and the second self-relaxation exercises or a spontaneous depend on concentration. "

Must be trained to relax and automatic bottom-up and practice for 10 to 15 minutes a day during the period of four to six weeks to adapt the brain with a relaxing and can then be applied in the technical sessions shorter.

The third pillar

In the multi-treatment that is recommended by physicians brain and nerves are indulging in a sport requires effort from the patient, such as jogging and swimming three times a week.

Pillar IV

Physiotherapy is aimed strained neck muscles, for example.

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