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You are nervous .. . . .......... You these tips to control yourself and relax

Collected most of the medical research on the need to get rid of one's temper even the introduction of the Nokia mental illness and membership are many and most serious heart attacks and sudden that the human nervous system is weak immunity and its ability Alymquaomp diseases, many less than that one which is characterized by the ability to relax and calm and neurological as well as serious human health makes it socially undesirable.

Here are several steps and to move from the category of people nervous always nervous to the category of people who have the ability to self-control and relaxation and tranquility:

1. Think about your goals and what are the really important things for you and the person you love and finding yourself of petty duties so that they can accomplish an important task in the best makes you keep calm and save you from the tension caused by a sense that your duties over much of the time you need to complete all work in it.

2. Stop try to be someone high-capacity, Rid yourself of the desire to have full control over all matters without neglecting anything because This can not be at the expense of your health and your mental and mood.

Give yourself more time as you think it is essential to get anywhere or achieve something, and I work the account of any obstacle can be not affected Iatrdk so tense and nervous if it were delayed a long time, or your achievement for the work you do.

4. Do not put yourself down to the end dates of your business and start your morning too early and give yourself enough time to finish wear your clothes.

5. Tgtaz not easy things for trivial things such as train delays or bad mannered taxi driver and remember that even if exploded Aspetk will not be able to alter the course of events.

6. Stay away from people who Igizawnk But if you are seeing is not continuously give them great importance.

7. Take a rest and recreation from time to time until you are done at a specific time because it removes the feelings of tension and anxiety within you.

Remember that nervousness and anxiety lead to your permanent diseases of concern and pressure and affect the vitality and your business Akabbalk life.

9. Do not expect perfection in the conduct of those around you because you said it expects this behavior would be a nuisance to you and take things simply and I know that complicate matters and gives them a size larger than size is always the loser

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