Diabetes patient .. What do you do while breastfeeding?

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Diabetes patient .. What do you do while breastfeeding?

Be a mistake for diabetes patients to stop women from follow-up and health status immediately after birth, even though the pregnancy was normal, without any complications, and was also a natural birth. And become a follow-up with your physician a matter of urgency if a woman has a chronic disease such as diabetes.

The first few months after birth are a critical stage in the lives of women, as the start of her body in a gradual return to normal for them and adapt to the hormonal changes that normally occurs after birth, as well as changes in sleep and other changes in the routine of everyday life.

And she, as a woman and mother of the newly need to do systematic and rigorous monitoring of the levels of sugar in the blood.

American Diabetes Association provides a range of suggestions for women with diabetes, for the period after birth, as breastfeeding itself can affect the level of good control in the levels of sugar in the blood, if there is negligence and default:

- Must be regular follow-up with your doctor and nutritionist to adjust your diet during the months of breastfeeding, because it is proven that breastfeeding helps to burn additional calories and therefore abnormalities in the blood sugar level is high.

- Remind yourself to drink fluids of all kinds throughout the day, except containing caffeine. It is advisable to drink water or other liquids during lactation as well.

- TCO something to eat before you publicly breastfeed your baby, or Tnaoulih during breast feeding.

- While you're away from home, you must keep a certain candy or sugary light meal for the possibility of low blood sugar level when're nursing your child, so will not be forced to stop suckling and Tekry happiness and enjoyment of eating a meal

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