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Frequent headaches may damage brain cells

A major study modern Germany between the injury recurring headache in the head repeatedly and permanent damage to brain cells.

In addition to the headaches caused by the pain of myself and my body is in the case of fatigue and general weakness Taatari body and inability to concentrate, as well as the severity of pain, you may even be a more dangerous - the opinion of the study - its effects are sometimes the loss of "gray matter" in the brain cortex .

In this context, director of the hospital medical neurologist at the University of Aisne west of Germany, Professor Hans-Christoph Diener magazine "Brigitte Woman," the German "If the headaches intermittently for more than five years, the patient will not be able to be free of pain at all."

The dinner that can not handle the headache in any case only when it is caused by early identification and targeting of that reason and treatment. "The only time a person can prevent complications, including impairment of memory".

Also considered to determine the cause of headache in itself is not insignificant, "There are about 243 species for headaches included in the list announced by the World Health Organization about the different types of headaches and migraines, which occupies the first place."

He warned Diener said, "It came to his advanced degree needs to be addressed with analgesics frequently for example in the ten days of the month, will be of benefit with treatment."

He advised a type of "comprehensive treatment", which combines medication and cognitive behavior therapy such as relaxation exercises and methods to get rid of stress, anxiety and constant practice to increase the capacity of endurance sports until avoid causing any harm "rule gray" in the brain.

It is noteworthy that also called gray matter because of the color apparent to the naked eye, representing the cerebral cortex. Found under microscopic observation that the article was composed mainly of Rkouhip stellar objects form a nerve cell bodies, while white matter consists of the strength of nerve fibers.

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