Seasonal allergy medication and cautions

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Seasonal allergy medication and cautions

Cause winter seasonal variability and associated injuries to many of us sensitization, and may be at risk of exposure to the factors causing the Kaltard sensitive to pollen or when the olive harvest for example, others may suffer from allergies permanently, and often the cause is unknown.

There is no complete recovery of the sensor but with the help of medicines and dietary advice can reduce the disease and reduce symptoms such as congestion, cough, runny or itching sometimes do not benefit at all antibiotics in this situation only if accompanied by fumbling with infections.

Drugs used in treatment:

1 - antihistamines

These drugs are in pill form or tassels or drops in kind for the treatment of itching and redness drops or swabs.
When the patient's exposure to the causes of allergy is called body substance called histamine receptors attach to the walls of blood vessels are causing expansion is also associated histamine receptors nose, causing redness, itching, swelling and increased mucous secretion.

But must be careful when you buy these drugs without a prescription, because the effects have undesirable side effects, many of them cause drowsiness and laziness.

2 - Anti-congestion

These drugs work to alleviate nasal congestion, is often described with antihistamines available in the form of drops and sprays swabs swabs and tassels.

These drugs help reduce edema, resulting in nasal tissue, especially when you also kind of exposure to the causes of allergies.

The dangers of these drugs may raise the pressure, particularly intraocular pressure has caused exclusively in the urine.

3 - medicines that contain antihistamines and anti-congestion together

Used in advanced cases to alleviate the symptoms and relieve the patient.

4 - cortisone

Of course, a panacea, these drugs help to alleviate inflammation facilities for dealing with sensitive and stuffy noses, sneezing and itching are available in the form of grains and tassels, needles, topical creams and drops in kind and in swabs and oral spray inhalation in the case of bronchial asthma, use these medicines with medication in the previous cases incurable and that do not respond of the previous treatments may be used in association with it.

Be used after consulting a doctor to determine the dose and the time required for their use because of such side effects as the most important medicines

* Retention of body fluids
* High blood pressure
* Overweight
* When used on soft oral inhalation may lead to injury Pftriaat mouth and cough
When you use the long-term work on diabetes, osteoporosis and cataracts in kind and high blood pressure.

5 - Extenders bronchus

Used to alleviate asthma attack, especially in the form of sprays Astnchakip and give long-term effect lasting almost 12 hours, making it the appropriate option to protect the patient from heart attacks, night asthma.

These drugs are also in the form of grains and tassels and have side effects if it is used frequently the most important of high blood pressure and heart rate may become infected some atrial and shivering

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