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Good healthy food is part of the treatment of many diseases, including diseases Romtzmep.
Integrated diet provides the necessary energy needed by the body to the body Baudhaivp natural.
Does not have a certain type of food intended for patients with diseases and Romtzmep but there are a range of advice needed by the patient.
If these things are not clear to you by Ask your doctor or nutritionist, because they are unable to answer these things will Izodok important information you may need.
A. Poor appetite and weight loss:
Weight loss of the problems that may face patients Romtzmep diseases, especially in the first stage of the disease and the severity of the disease at the time.
Weight loss and poor appetite these two problems might they cause a wide range of reasons that could lead to these symptoms of the body resulting from acute infectious diseases, for example, or diseases of the digestive system or respiratory system, etc. .... or the result of taking certain treatments which may cause inflammation and stomach pain or inflammation of the mouth, or psychiatric illness, which reduces the human desire to eat which leads to weight loss as a result.
Will pay your doctor or nurse on a regular basis weight when you visit the clinic and they will record your weight in order to be compared with the previous Balqrat to know and then your weight is noted accurately.
Your doctor will advise you to either change your diet and advise you to control a Boznk and due to the weight right, and not to lose more weight because it can cause health problems for the patient.

B. Weight gain:
Overweight may be one of the problems faced by the patient's disease Romtzmep and for many reasons including the lack of movement because of arthritis pain and lack of exercise or because of treatments that dealt with the patient's treatment such as cortisone, which causes an increase in appetite returned the patient to eat, which increases the weight of the patient who deals with this treatment, particularly higher doses.
Your doctor and nutritionist living your health and live well Kmayat food eaten by the patient, type of food will give you advice on the quality of food is right for you, which will help you control Boznk and lose weight you have.
Of these tips:
Reduce the fat and fat eaten
Exercise that suit the patient.
Review nutritionist and took the advice of food to him and who will organize you a diet suitable for your health.
C. Difficulties faced by the patient in getting to treatment:
There are several treatments needed for the task of patient Romtzmep disease has caused him problems in the digestive system, such as abdominal pain, burning stomach, nausea, or ulcers in the mouth.
If you suffer from any of these problems by dealing directly tell your doctor because many of these symptoms may be due to the timing of treatment is getting to or how it may change the time of taking the treatment a doctor or a change in method of treatment is through the mouth to getting through the injection, which may stop of these symptoms, or reduce them.
Many of the cures for diseases Romtzmep Take with food to reduce side effects to it.
When there are mouth sores, some treatments may take the form of solutions and liquids, which is possible for it to reduce the symptoms and make it easy for the patient ingested.
D. Osteoporosis:
Is a condition where the bones are fragile and easily broken.
And. Diabetes resulting from taking cortisone treatment:
Diabetes is a disease caused due to poor production of the hormone insulin, the pancreas makes her high blood sugar which results in diabetes.
Cortisone treatment can cause the disease and who is temporarily in some patients twelve to take them to this treatment and the disease disappears when they stop taking this treatment is attributable to human normal and some patients may continue with the disease throughout their lives.
Handles this disease the same way as treatment of the disease in patients infected patients, such as diabetes others.
In this case the doctor and nutritionist put the patient under any particular diet, where there the patient from sugars may be enough to control the disease, some patients may need treatments or insulin needles to control the disease accurately and appropriately

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