Cold - cold

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Cold - cold

الرشح – الزكام

What is cold?

Cold is an acute viral infection affecting the upper respiratory tract, especially the nose and pharynx, which is a highly contagious disease


- Runny nose

- Pain in the throat (pharynx)

- Cough

- Athas

- Burning or pain in the eyes simple

- A sense of fatigue in

- Headache

- Dyspnoea

- High temperature

Mode of transmission:

Infection transmitted by inhalation of air contaminated with the virus that causes the disease, cough or sneeze of an infected person, or by touching the hands of someone who has a cold, or use tools to injury during cold

What is the cause of cold or runny nose after a cold injury?

Start cold or runny nose after infection with the common cold, and the reason for that is that the cells lining the nose and sinuses are trying to expel the virus and washing Mberp secrete quantities of mucus, liquid, and turn mucus two days later to the color white or yellow, and when you return the natural bacteria in the respiratory the upper activity after removal of the flu virus changes color to the mucous green, and this is normal at the end of a cold infection does not mean that the patient needs an antibiotic for the treatment of blue-green secretions

What is the difference between colds and flu?

Many people confuse between the cold and flu, believed to be a single disease, but the fact that they are two completely different, a viral disease Valzkam Viewer and simple, while the influenza viral disease that poses severe patient was usually in bed for several days, with many complications, especially when it affects children or adults age or who have problems in the immune


There is no cure for the common cold, and antibiotics have no role in treatment because it is a viral disease, and how to overcome the injury which the body is cold autoimmune composed after exposure to the virus several days, there are some things that can be performed by the patient during this cold period to be improved and is completely cured, and these things are:

- Comfort in the home, especially at high temperature, and the patient usually requires hours of sleep more than usual

- The use of paracetamol to relieve pain and reduce the heat

- Inhalation of steam to help open a blocked nose and to overcome the tension

- Can use nose drops containing dissolved shoot up, or use of topical anti-congestion in the form of nose drops should not use them more than three days to avoid complications that can occur when you use it more, can also be use of a drug Alsdwavdrin counter decongestants by mouth for three days

- Too much to drink fluids, especially warm and sweetened with honey

- Refrain from smoking

- Wash your hands frequently to prevent transmission to others and at peace on them, because the virus is possible to suspend hands after cleaning the nose, then moves to others

Should consult a doctor in the following circumstances:

- Pain in the chest or difficulty in breathing

- Pain in the head or facial bones (the risk of inflammation of the sinus)

- Pain or discharge from the ear (ear infection had Achtmal Central)

- The persistence of high temperature for more than three days, or a height of more than 39 degrees Celsius, or cold symptoms continued for more than ten days

- Continuation of the mucous secretions out of the green color of the nose or grinding for a long time after the disappearance of symptoms of colds (the risk of infection in the chest or sinus)

- A sense of pain in the throat (pharynx) without the presence of cold symptoms (the risk of inflammation of the tonsils, pharynx).

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