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Vitamin E was discovered in 1921 was discovered during the course of some experiments on animals, where it was noted that there is any important and essential in green leafy vegetables, oilseeds linked to the ability of female animals to reproduce and its presence in some foods associated with an increase fertility in females and the lack of this vitamin-link the loss of these females the ability to reproduce.

Also, some research indicates that the lack of this vitamin in food and meals for a pregnant woman may be exposed to abortion or premature birth of the failure of the post placenta.

The lack of this vitamin has no effect on males as it may be related to the causes of infertility, in addition to, the vitamin E deficiency leads to neurological disorders, it was noted that these diseases go away if you take the vitamin in a timely manner

We have proven by scientific research capacity of this vitamin in the treatment of infertility and repeated abortions, so the researchers are joining the physicians to follow up and treatment of infertility to be sure the concentration of this vitamin in the year.

It is worth mentioning that the most important dietary sources are vegetable oils such as soybean oil, corn oil, oil, wheat germ, peanuts, sesame The animal sources of vitamin E are milk, egg yolk. It is noted that there is a correlation between the concentration of this vitamin and the saturated fatty acids such as vegetable oils are rich in this vitamin. The recommendations were or nutritional daily requirements of vitamin A increase in pregnancy and lactation, as the daily needs of an estimated 12 IU and increase to 15 IU during pregnancy and lactation.

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