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Mental illness linked to climate diet

Study suggests that it is possible to be a change of diet in the last fifty years has had an impact mainly in the high incidence of mental illness.

And announced that "delegations Kambiinerz Sastin" and the Organization of mental health in Britain to make foods that are currently affecting the balance of the food we eat, as is the UK population eating less fresh food than before, with increased consumption of saturated fats and sugars.

According to the study, this diet caused the new cases of depression and problems in memory. However, food experts said the research is still not final, the results are not conclusive.
Has declared the director of mental health to address mental health problems through diet modification, have proved effective in some cases more than painkillers and Alakarir.

And explain the study titled "Feeding Minds," How to change the balance of natural food-based minerals, vitamins and essential fats in the last fifty years.
The researchers that the spread of industrial plantations Enter pesticides and led to strongly modify the structure of fat in animals because of the food they eat.

The study, for example, poultry are fatten twice as quickly than those which had needed thirty years ago to reach the maximum weight, leading to high fat than 2 percent to 22 percent.

On the other hand, the study that Alasthilalk excess of saturated fats by the proliferation of fast food, slow down the brain works.
The study pointed out that the consumption of vegetables decreased by 34 percent, while eating fish decreased by two-thirds what it was fifty years ago.
It is known that fish contains omega-3 fatty acid vital for the safety of the mind.

Consequently, these changes in diet-related diseases, schizophrenia and landslides neurological and Alzheimer's.
The study called for awareness campaigns urging people to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and fish.

One of the researchers commented on the report, saying: "The good news is that food is the same reason health food healthy body. The bad news is that in the event has not been modified food and agricultural policy in a radical and comprehensive, it will not be available in the future, nutritious foods and useful

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