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The foods we eat play a major role in our mood change for the better or worse. Therefore, it is time to know what you eat and what you drink?

The beginning know that maintaining the balance of sugar in the blood and diet full of saturated fat, low fiber will make your digestive system in top form, which reflects positively on your mental
If you feel frustrated or depressed, and think you need to adjust your mood and renewing your business, here are six types of foods capable, God willing, to do so

A diet rich in vitamin B 12 and folic acid
Each of vitamin B 12 and folic acid to prevent strikes, the psychological and central nervous system disorders
Folic acid is frequently found in Kallobia legumes and beans as well as green leafy vegetables Kal_khas. The vitamin B-12 shall still in meat, fish, birds, and dairy products

Enjoy eat vegetables and fruits
Know the category of fruit and vegetables enhanced with antioxidants that resist cancer, and maintain the health of disposal. Remember that the more quantity in your diet whenever there is better health and a better mood

Eating foods rich Balslnyum
Selenium is a mineral known as antioxidants. The scientists found that the accumulation of oxidizing substances in the brain is accompanied by cases of depression in old age and thereby to contribute to this component directly in the removal of depression and improve mood. All cereals are an excellent source of Slaniom as well as legumes such as oats, nuts and seafood

Eating fish several times a week
Recent research has shown that men and women who ate large quantities of fish are less vulnerable to the emergence of symptoms of depression. Fish is a source of unsaturated fats (Omega 3), which have a role anti-depressants. Omega-3 is available in the herring, salmon, sardines and tuna

Keep your daily dose of vitamin D
Stay in the sun for a simple could make you happier, so that their light makes our bodies make vitamin D and governing its use
Recent studies have linked several forms of mood swings and lack of vitamin D in the body, so is its presence in the body a way to get rid of the symptoms of those fluctuations. You can get vitamin D from egg yolks and cheese as well. Make your breakfast meal source for your daily dose of vitamin D the existence of grain, milk, bread or juice in your diet

Keep chocolate away from the diseases of the heart and blood vessels
A small amount of dark chocolate enough to modify the mood and improve your emotional health. In addition to their ability to prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis. Found that men who ate about one-third of chocolate every day are less likely to have high blood pressure and heart disease

Finally, always remember that some foods can also make you happy, other foods may negatively affect your mental, so you have to avoid taking into account the following
Try to reduce the saturated fat in your food and Replace, by third parties such as omega-3 polyunsaturated
Atkther of caffeine to a negative impact if he may Mazadt quantity in the body and be sure to sleep enough hours to be the best case, God willing,

Pepper cured of gastric ulcers

Pepper contains large amounts of vitamin (a) and the greater the red pepper has increased the amount of vitamin (a) the pepper and help the healing of gastric ulcers. And regulates blood pressure and strengthens the heart and lowers cholesterol, cleans the circulatory system and ease the tension and helps digestion. And pepper types, some of which is rich in vitamin c and reduces the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, prevents the spread of epidemics, is an aperitif and to promote secretion of saliva which helps in digestion, lowers cholesterol , remover of stroke and therefore the population of India did not suffer from diseases of blood clotting and added
For some plants become a natural antibiotic When added to garlic, for example, it increases the effectiveness of the antibiotic as it strengthens its impact to be similar to penicillin. And pepper several names Alhbhr, Turaz, Albesbas. More than 400 species of pepper all over the world, and different kinds of peppers in terms of size, shape, color, taste and temperature. Many wonder about the heat and pepper Mamsderha In fact, the source material Alcabsin Some believe when he feels Blza pepper heat that water will alleviate but it has increase the heat and because the water causes the spread wider and better in this case to deal with a little olive oil or a cup of milk or a spoonful of honey to contribute to the alleviation of heartburn

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