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Did you know that a mixture of lemon juice and cloves of garlic, ginger and one teaspoon of pure olive oil is an excellent mixture to clean the liver, where this is taken the cup of the mixture on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast .... It is advisable to use this process every six months ...
Did you know that strawberries good for the heart, for it is one of the best antioxidants, and fiber-rich food soluble, and these fibers work to reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood, and increase the efficiency of the circulatory system.
Did you know that excess salt = osteoporosis, all thought that excessive salt intake worsen the blood pressure, but salt is not the cause hypertension, but in 30 per cent of people infected with the disease. However, the damage that salt affects us in our bones, when the body gets rid of excess salt, with calcium Visi aims to bone. Excessive speed in salt intake for osteoporosis. Therefore, we limit our consumption of salt at 2400 mg per day, note that in a single piece of American cheese, 300 milligrams of salt, and two pieces of white bread, 269 milligrams of salt, and half a cup of tomato sauce, canned 740 mg ..
Did you know that fiber intake of between 25 to 35 grams per day reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and diarrhea.
Did you know that fish oil pills can be useful in getting rid of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, which include a lot of pain, fatigue, stiff joints in the morning in addition to the swelling. Rheumatoid arthritis affects people of all ages, and even children of them are diagnosed with this disease by special analysis of the blood. It was found that these pills contain anti-inflammatory properties and get rid of the infection can get rid of the pain associated with arthritis.
Did you know that the carrot and one medium containing four times the daily human need of vitamin - A .. There are other foods contain much of this vitamin, such as pumpkin and yams (a type of some of sweet potato) and melon, spinach and cabbage.
Did you know that half of the dish of sweet red peppers contain more than twice the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. The following foods rich in this vitamin (orange, guava, broccoli and green peas).
Did you know that half of Kilwa grams of the fish - halibut contains twice the man's need of vitamin D daily, followed by herring.
Did you know that one dish of the paintings and Pia dry cooked, extend rights to 90% of man's need to! Mieh of folate, followed by soybean porridge.
Did you know that three of the mussels steamed sea Batlemus extend full rights need daily iron and convey it in any other food, knowing that there are many foods contain good amounts of iron, but do not compete Batlemus in the abundance of iron.
Did you know that herbal tea is an effective way to get rid of obesity ... But effective and the only way to get rid of obesity is the practice of sports and the quality of care and quantity of food we eat every day
Did you know that garlic and onion and effective cure for many diseases, as they Ihtoya Asalafaid compounds (sulfur), these compounds work to remove the danger of blood clots, as it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and particularly harmful type of the type of LDL, as they are working on reduce the risk of cancer.
Did you know that eating five to Mozatin Mozat in the day is the risk of high blood pressure, and can reduce high blood pressure to normal within one week only and without the use of pressure-reducing drugs, as the bananas contain a high proportion of potassium but low in sodium, the kind located in the salt, it is worth mentioning that the food containing the element potassium helps to get rid of of sodium that help high blood pressure.
Did you know that e can now diagnose diseases through the iris of the eye, which is called IRIDOLOGY flag iris and through the wizard can diagnose many genetic diseases and infections affecting the body. Show where small spot or mark on the iris known doctor of the place and type of disease, science means the diagnosis of disease and not treated.
Did you know that the interest of high food enjoyed by Thermos resembles other types of grain Kalahmass or beans. Fe, a type of grain that contains a huge amount of protein was quoted up! E to 30% of its weight. The fiber-rich lupine, which plays a major role in Mquaonp constipation Trahid through the intestinal tract, in addition to the amounts of other minerals. The bitterness that has marred the taste of lupine, which can be removed when you boil lupine well and soaked for a few days, is an effective medication to get rid of worms in the intestine, especially if eating lupine with honey. They were old Itahnnouna and add minutes to wheat flour.
Did you know that his research has shown that peppermint oil helps get rid of intestinal disorders, because of its effectiveness as an antidote to the spasms and convulsions, and is working to relax the muscles of the stomach and intestines, and also acts as an anti bacterial.
Did you know that a handful of almonds weighing about 25 grams and the total number of grains of almonds to nearly 25 pill available to people about 12% of the proteins necessary for their health daily, and about 35% of vitamin E, and 25 grams of calcium. And almonds are also rich in dietary fiber, iron, zinc and copper, which are necessary for proper diet and healthy.
Did you know that its active ingredient was extracted from the moss Astwizera Wegeriatta been able to eliminate cancer cells, stomach, where it was experiments on mice infected with stomach cancer have caused material cavities inside cancer cells and caused a disruption of the cell wall, and this was at the lowest concentration of injected mice of the material. While high concentrations (500 mg / kg) analyze the cancer cells themselves. It was noted that there are no toxic effects in rats of treatment, both injected with low or high concentrations.

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