Mangosteen fruit

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Mangosteen fruit

Is the richest source of material Xanthonis anti-oxidant.
This seasonal fruits pet to taste a little sweet and sour is a round fruit the size of a tennis ball with H and soft power that takes scarlet at maturity
Skin and dark purple or white and that the sweet taste and smell fragrant, and is divided into several sectors (like stock garlic cloves) and is dealt with raw and are blended beverages, and is manufactured Ktortp or added to seafood
Contain from 4 to 6 cloves are often rich in antioxidants good for the heart and helps lower cholesterol and prevent damage to cells in the heart and blood vessels

Found in tropical countries throughout Asia, for example, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. As he grows reasonably well in areas such as Hawaii and the tropical northern Australia.

This requires year-round, warm atmosphere, very wet, and tropical climate.
Despite this, many people have tried to implant in other places, like California, Florida, in greenhouses in places on the outside of Southeast Asia. Tree can only grow well in tropical areas and requires abundant moisture. Thailand or Burma is the origin of countries that found mangosteen.

Flavor does not look like anything else flavors ranging from strawberry, peach, and vanilla ice cream, a sweet taste with a very slight acidity.
Mangosteen mangosteen fruit consists of 3 main parts:

1. The crust.

2. Pulp.

Seeds inside the white pulp.

Mangosteen juice:

Decades of research shows that mangosteen contains the nutrients of great value not know before! The food found in a Nutshell outer fruit and not within any part that we eat.
It is well known that there are about 200 natural antibiotic taken from natural materials, mangosteen alone contains 43 units of the antibiotics.
Resulted in research that continued for years to convert the cobalt to the outside of the fruit juice to taste delicious and free of preservatives, a 100% natural without adding any chemicals it
And I will write you the benefits of this juice
Fruit contains a substance of Xanthones are a hundred times more effective deterrent for the oxidation of each of Vitamin E, C and E and also have a huge Shave features are evident in the extensive scientific studies from around the world.
And these substances appear anti oxidant and naturally abundant quantities in the mangosteen fruit peel, more than any other food source on earth.

Features mangosteen juice made from the peel of the fruit:
Anti-virus, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-bacteria, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis, anti-sclerosis, anti-pain, anti-allergic, anti-depression, anti-leukemia, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-asthma
, and anti-aging.

Problems that mangosteen can be addressed such as:

1. Disease, lack of concentration.

2. Different types of allergies.

3. Inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane.

4. Alzheimer's disease (adult type dementia).

5. Arthritis, asthma.

6. Blood clot.

7. Heartburn esophagus.

8. Carpal tunnel disease (paresthesia of the fingers).

9. Chronic pain.

10. Muscle fibrosis.

11. With high cholesterol.

12. Menopause for women.

13. Joint problems and more of that migraine and headaches.

14. Parkinson's and sickle cell anemia.

15. Cancer of all kinds.
The information of the image, which shows the juice of fruit juice is just to peel the fruit, which contains all the benefits mentioned, so we see color like color of the juice of pomegranate juice - it threw me - or dark red, such as femtoscience
But medical juice contains very useful and 43 antibiotic where the juice is used for drink or paint substantive - for example, skin diseases and burns as it has proved effective is strong in the rebuilding of the skin cells quickly in addition to its effectiveness in all parts of the body where the effect of more than 44 disease, including diabetes, pressure, and kidney cancer convulsions, heart and nerve and anemia, break-ups and more.

· Study conducted by scientists on a number of individuals and the results showed that individuals who consume half a liter of mangosteen juice daily have a low-level indicators of inflammation and is evidence of reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, especially obese individuals have an increase in the level of these indicators and be more susceptible to heart disease and diabetes.

· A new study scientists at the University of California that the mangosteen juice anti-inflammatory properties, which may be effective in preventing heart disease and diabetes, obese individuals.

I do not know really where the fruit is sold.
... Finally, many believe it will be one of the most important fruit on the ground soon ..

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