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Castor oil plant Ricinus Communis

Plant follows the family tree Alfrbionip, five-lobed leaves in the form of palm and fruit contain Loze paintings engulfed in and out of known oil and castor seed contains about 50% of the weight of Zeta, and this oil is used medically.

Essential oil containing Sttiarin and Riciolaen and Bmutain, and notes that the seeds contain toxic substances.

"Abu Dawood said: castor oil laxative known, has a significant impact in the treatment of skin diseases and skin lesions and the generation of milk.
Castor oil plant: We maximize near the water and long arms Okthomn, originally cane is empty, and paper is broad and smooth love Kalaqrad mottled Kiiraldhn aware Btamoz and August does not live More than a year, and Houhar Alialip in dry or in Alianip, or wet in the first, analyze the wind and cold mixtures, and if cooking in oil right Ithry removed rift and semi-paralysis and Allqop, gout, sciatica and creamier Sauto, and if eating out sticky sputum and blends gently and turn out Aalmsheemp menstruation, and the fat softens the heart of all the Getty mineral land from the experience, especially with water and wash the radish with mustard Oomaj Vinekaya body.

And its properties: it is distressing and fall of desire, and forfeits the peeled and used with Alkiira, and drank to ten grains, and vulnerability of intoxicants and kill fifty, fat and water leek boot hemorrhoids and creamier drink.

Ibn Sina:

Essence: Deskoraydos said: people from designated Aqraoutia a tick, but HH love like this because the tick is a small tree in the amount of a small tree of figs, and a paper-like paper sycamore, however large, smooth, dark and more leg and hollow branches, such as sugarcane and fruit have clusters of rough and if you peel the fruit seemed to love in the form of ticks, which are pressed fat called a lipid Oguenks castor bean and is not suitable for food, but good for the SE and a mixture of some creams and some medicines.

The least of his love Thirty grain number and rang crushed and drink Oshilt mucus.

Actions and properties: Oussama said: The analyst castor laxative and soothing fat nicer than oil naive.

Ornamental: If you and may heal the warts and extraction costs.

Tumors: paper if barley flour may live Albulgmip tumors.

Sores: fat fit for scabies and sores wetlands.

The members of the food: If the crushed pill and drank thirty agitated vomiting because it relaxes the stomach and very Igthi.

Members of al-Sadr: If you heal him alone with vinegar housing breast tumors.

Members Alinvd: love powder drink easily once mucus and worms come out of the abdomen.

Is used to remove warts; show you 20 times in the morning and again in the evening with castor oil Dlka well to enter the oil inside.

In order to increase hair growth in children; massaging the scalp skin twice a week with castor oil, and oil stays there all night, then wash them and still in the morning, and after reaching the desired result only to conduct this process twice a month just to maintain the hair and skin of the scalp.

And the treatment of flu; massaging the chest with a mixture composed of two tablespoons of castor oil and one teaspoon of turpentine (from pharmacies) and bring this mixture of castor oil first by heating in a water bath, then add to Rabntin Then, in mild cases the chest massages that blend only once in the evening, This is repeated in severe cases three times during the day.

To the pain of the feet; all who have the burden of his feet, who complains of severe pain that it Idlkha in the evening before going to sleep with castor oil, then put on socks and sleep until morning, and twice a week, that way the pain of feet away, God willing.

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