Crying is good for health

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Crying is good for health

Recent studies have demonstrated at the University of Oxford that crying is good for health and the quality of the tears shed as a result of emotional sentimental attitude be different in terms of structure and function because the tears is a chemical reaction comes in response to emotional reasons and the state of Mcpopp emotion, and therefore the richest in protein.
Scientists believe that the tears of origin, whether tears of joy or sorrow helps restore balance to the chemistry of the body as it helps to psychotherapy, and in this regard One study indicated that women were the procession moved to cry out loud about 64 times a year, while men cry about 17 times
per year. It is believed Dr. Bill Frey of the Center for Research tears and dry eye in the state of America would cry Menasota useful for women, it was found that 85 percent of women and 73 percent of men surveyed felt relieved after crying. Frey believes that the tears rid the body of chemicals linked to psychological pressure, referring to the chemical composition of water and emotional tears allergic posed by dust, for example. Valdma emotional contains a large amount of hormone Albroolakin and «AC T Lachin», which exist in blood in the event of being subjected to pressure, and therefore finds the body of the cry of those substances. The reason for this discovery and tears of mothers weeping men by more than five times, so that Albroolakin exist in greater quantities in women compared to men because the hormone responsible for the secretion of milk

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