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The case of severe myasthenia is a rare case of an autoimmune disorder affecting the muscles. The muscle to contract normally when you receive a message from the future of Colin Alosetel located above the muscle cell surface. In the "severe muscle weakness", the immune system to mistakenly attack the manufacture of antibodies to these receptors. As a result, the muscles do not receive letters ordering Balanaqbad, and become lean and weak.

الوهن العضلي الشديد Myasthenia Gravis

Becomes especially significant weakness in the facial muscles, arms and legs. Muscle weakness and affects more women than men. In women, often the disease occurs between 20 and 30 years, while in men, it usually begins after the age of fifty.

Does not follow the pattern of severe myasthenia predictable. It may happen gradually or suddenly. It is characterized by periods of severe illness (flares) followed by periods of full recovery (periods of calm).

The infected muscle get tired quickly and in a non-normal. For example, repeatedly trying to catch something that leads to a heavy fist slowly become more vulnerable than ever before. Most people also Elhzawn weakness and sagging eyelids with double vision because the muscles move the eye also weak.

May occur also muscle weakness face, or throat, voice, or neck, which makes it difficult to speak (such as lack of clarity of words when speaking), eating or ingestion of food (causing Shargat or cough). Some people weaken their arms or legs. The type of acute severe muscle weakness may cause weakness in the muscles that control breathing. Some conditions - such as the onset of menstruation, or by stress, or infection - can cause a sudden setbacks.

الوهن العضلي الشديد Myasthenia Gravis

Severe myasthenia Myasthenia Gravis

Treatment Options

Consult your doctor if I had symptoms of severe myasthenia. The doctor will antenatal blood tests and may be looking for antibodies to autoimmune, which cause the disease. There is another diagnostic test involves injecting a substance "Iidrofonyum", which serve to increase neurotransmitter called "Acetylcholine", when the contact point nervous system "muscle and improve muscle strength temporarily. EMG power also often used to help reach a diagnosis.

And Treatment depends on the severity of the disease. In mild cases, can often control the symptoms (and can restore most of the posts) using long-acting drugs, such as "Alberidostijmin."

The owners of severe cases it may be useful to eradicate Za `taria gland (a small gland near the base of the neck), a gland that direct attacks self-destructive immunity. And the eradication of the thyroid may bring healing always.

High doses of corticosteroids to help reduce inflammation and slow the onslaught of the immune system. Other drugs that calm the immune system may also be used, but in severe cases, may be needed for the process of separating the plasma (and where is the nomination of harmful antibodies from the blood).

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