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Alngdip care for the elderly

The Alngdip Almoisnpalte provide the needs of one's stages of growth and development of various important role in maintaining health and prevention of diseases, especially those caused by malnutrition. As the aging under the special diet have tried to give advice to my sisters: a balanced healthy diet means food containing all the elements Algmaip of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals, and in quantities necessary for growth, reproduction and prevention, we must diet and health education that works in two directions: identification of vulnerable groups in and society at their food needs such as pregnant women and lactating mothers and children under the age of Alrdawalotefal school and school children and adolescents and the elderly. Alnamat determine the cultural conditions prevailing in society and its impact on Ancharsu nutrition and diseases caused by
One of these patterns:

Feeding habits.
Food beliefs. Equalized conservation and preparation of food. And needs of many older guidance is based on a special diet to advise them to change some eating habits or reduce the intake of certain foods or eating foods other than those normally dealt with and educate the most important elements of food and requirements for them, and Tbeserhmbalomrad caused by poor nutrition. In providing such guidance should be considered food as follows: - that the way in which advice is acceptable when the old .- to take into consideration the preferred taste of the old .- not provide advice regarding food in the form of commands. The problems that accompany advancing age, the most important digestive problems : You can divide the changes that occur in the performance of the digestive system caused by old age
Into three types:

Type I: - the changes satisfactory.

Type II: - changes accompany the aging process and old age, such as lack of secretion of intestinal glands, and intestinal wall paper and inflammation of the colon.

Type III: - resulting from the process of aging in the body mainly in the digestive tract and senses of smell and taste, which significantly affect the quantity and quality of the food consumer and truth nutrition Indorr essential in helping the elderly person on the fighting Almrad that can endure or suffered by the elderly and food must be contains material Alberotinep them (meat - fish - chicken - cheese - medium fat milk) and also contains carbohydrates, preferably from complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables and unsaturated fats (vegetable oils), and must drink water in terms of age
It is worth noting that the interest in the elderly should not drink water. Should also reduce the saturated fat (animal fats) and fried foods, fatty foods, as well as reducing salt in food and boiling salted food intake Kalmakhllat and others.

There's another problem: Constipation:

Most older people complain of constipation Hmaomr customary for him, so vegan dietary fiber intake are essential practices in nutrition of the elderly. Should be done gradually so that the increase of Atcod raised to the gastrointestinal tract and the formation of gases.
With fiber intake should also be further addressed Alswail.
In addition to the role of fluids in the constipation, the elderly usually are to dehydration. Some elderly people suffer from receding sense of thirst, and water to troops movements, taking a long time. So it is advisable that the elderly are advised to take up liquids at certain times, even if not have a sense of thirst.

Applicants very old:

Must take into account in providing food for them to be built around easy to digest protein and low fat also includes the Alvetamena frequently and minerals and contains little fat and carbohydrates and sugar and should be easy to chew, a meal and soft should be taken into account some factors that negatively affect food situation when an older person such as gums and teeth problems, which may be among the causes of the lack of eating or to abstain from certain foods.

Food tips useful for the elderly:

- Reduction of food rich in saturated fat.
- A lot of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.
- Eating too much fluid.
- Reduction of salt and salted foods, pickles and canned foods.
- Refrain from Altzgen and away from contact with smokers.

That was the bright spot tried to shed light on the important matter of things that might
Do not care about it must take into account this aspect and take care of Bmsnina because we all started that life will get us to this stage

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