Winter skin diseases

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Winter skin diseases

There are skin diseases appear in the summer and also appear in the winter and as we entered the door in the winter cold is likely to show
Some skin diseases among young people, female or both sexes, young and old and only constant in the events of these diseases and drought Kokzima (Alasitls) frostbite
Drought and frost bite and cold.

On the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of these types of sick three points Dr. Hasan Kayali
Dr. Silva Achkanian of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Aleppo that:

With the onset of winter, some skin infections are common when people join together in the events
These injuries factor cold and drought.

One of these disorders recall dermatitis drought, also known as itchy winter and pretend this situation
The form of redness, dryness, scaling of the skin with the appearance of cracks and soft, the most common infection sites are the face of drought atopic front of the legs and arms
The Acialrtan and associated this situation with the itching which may be severe at times, and contribute to excessive bathing and excessive use of detergents
With hot water in the events of the situation and the prevention of dermatitis drought should be used emollient and moisturizing substances
Especially after bathing can also prevent these substances from the skin water loss and thus protect them from drought.

And other disorders are commonly seen in winter frostbite (Alasitls)
A relatively common disease affects young women more than males Infection occurs when people who have trouble
Blood circulation in the vicinity of the body are affected hands and feet can also catch the ears and nose
Where the region can become cool bluish red edematous and may be associated with the increase in sweating and someone feels burning and itching
In severe cases, it could show bubbles and blisters on the affected area of injury disappear in summer to get back in the winter following
The treatment on the prevention of cold, wear gloves and woolen socks and are advised to conduct daily warm oil massage
Smokers should stop smoking, but drug therapy Vicu Extenders give blood.

Last but not least to be talking about the frost bite and this affects the fingers and toes, ears, nose and cheeks
Areas where they become vulnerable to extreme cold waxy pale color and non-painful at first, but with the intensification of victimization
Low temperatures more and increase the duration of exposure to cold the skin becomes reddish and edematous may appear later by bubbles
It may also develop and die tissue is initially superficial Ilbt become deeply then up to the muscles, tendons, and nerves
The treatment is according to severity of the situation in cases where enough heat and light, allowing the return of the patient's blood flow necessary
In most cases, the patient must be re-heated rapidly by Bgmrh in the basin of warm water temperature 38 -43 degrees Celsius
And then must be placed under the patient's comfort in bed with lesions healing nicely and put the patient on a diet rich in protein and calorie
We must also remove the damaged tissue, if any.

In the end, it must be pointed out that the skin care in winter is essential
For the prevention of many skin diseases and the care of these
On the prevention of colds and maintain
The skin using a moisturizing emollient

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