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Hepatitis (a) Hepatitis A:

Hepatitis virus (a) is highly contagious and sometimes fatal. We have Brasalochkas the virus in people infected with hepatitis (a). Patients who develop symptoms, and be clear of symptoms similar to flu symptoms (fever, chills)


Hepatitis (a) Hepatitis A


Hepatitis virus (a) is highly contagious and sometimes fatal, and the virus infects approximately 1.4 million people worldwide each year. During travel to countries where the virus is the incidence of hepatitis C virus (a) more than the incidence of Baltvoiid


We have Brasalochkas the virus in people infected with hepatitis (a), and infection is usually spread from person to person or place of infection through eating and drinking contaminated with the virus from someone who has it. For example, are infected by eating non-cooked Kalmhar lfish, salads, fruits that are eaten without peeling after washing with water contaminated or after contamination of the waiters were infected with HIV.


Patients who develop symptoms and be clear of symptoms similar to flu symptoms (fever, chills), symptoms may also include loss of appetite, nausea, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), turning the urine color to the dark color of tea, turned to the light color stool, pain in the the top right of the abdomen, and general weakness Ooiaia.
Hepatitis (a) does not turn into a chronic disease, but full recovery will be slow. Infection in children (especially less than 6 years), the infection is usually asymptomatic and clear. For adults, the symptoms continue for about a month and full recovery takes 6 months. Setback satisfactory at 20% of patients. This setback Taatdaf patient for almost 15 months.

Methods of Treatment:

Possible to avoid infection by HIV preventive vaccine antigens or immune immune globulin. Antigen immune provide protection short-acting (3-5 months). The preventive vaccine or vaccination Viovr long-lasting protection lasts for 4 years ago.

How can we protect ourselves from infection?

. If you live in or plan to travel to a country where the virus or exposed to the risk for some reason it is possible to avoid injury by doing the following:
Wash your hands thoroughly before eating
· Boil drinking water or purchase water health · not eat raw food (not cooked) Kalmhar, powers, and fruits that are eaten without peeling. These foods may be contaminated even in the most luxurious restaurants
Avoid drinks that are sold in the streets
· Vaccination against hepatitis virus (a)

There is no special medicine for the treatment of hepatitis (a) is to follow the following:

- Taking a rest
- The use of analgesics such as paracetamol Paracetamol to reduce temperature and pain
· With regard to anorexia, he can count the person to take anything he desires without any reservations, and preferably a lot of liquids and fresh fruit after washing well. It is important that the patient take the necessary precautions to prevent injury to others, especially those around them by not participating in eating and drinking, as well as in his personal, as must attention to hygiene and wash your hands with soap and water several times a day, especially after going to the bathroom and must continue on this system for a period of not less than three weeks
From the onset of symptoms as the person is highly infectious for others during this period. The virus are destroyed when exposed to heat 85 degrees Celsius for one minute and can kill in drinking water by adding chlorine. It is imperative to cook food well, and add chlorine to drinking water or boiled well before use human consumption.

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