How to get from the musk deer musk deer musk?

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How to get from the musk deer musk deer musk?

Musk Amber Pure Indian Oil

The musk deer hunters to kill the male first and then separate the cyst, or gland, an entire chapter and then dried in the sun or on the rocks, or dive in the oil very hot. And can be accessed without hunting musk deer and killed him where the deer at the maturity of the bag which contained musk itching on the jagged rocks that deer feels severe itching in the bag when the bag fullness who shall rub on the rocks Vinakeca bag, including the maintenance of the rocks, branding experts and collecting musk from the rock and called the bag of skin, including the maintenance of "mouse musk" musk and color within the black bag, which say that at present there is very high, and if there is wholesale perfume by the inclusion of some materials and mix them.

The best kinds of musk is contained from China or Tibet, followed by received from Assam or Nepal and the least of which contained from Siberia. Musk good dry matter, dark color, purple, smooth, bitter.

The chemical content of maintenance:

Musk contains about 1.4% oil with a black pilot to the children and the main compound due to him smell the beautiful and refreshing is known to the Haunted Mask (Muskone) also contains the most important hormones Astairoulih Mskobayreden (Muskcopyridine) as well as alkaloids and enzymes.

The natural musk, if taken in small quantities not exceeding 100 ml has a warning about the impact the nervous system like caffeine found in coffee and tea, but increase the quantity to cause adverse effects in the overall decline, lethargy, noting that the industry does not have a musk that impact, positive or negative.

Uses of musk:

King kinds of musk and spices and Acharfha Ataibha is that the proverbial is similar to the other does not like it, a paradise dunes and strengthen self-pleased and so he used to fix the most expensive perfumes smell Vuahp to stay for many years and it is used as the installer of fragrances As for the uses of medicine are:

Musk is a very nourishing and restorative for the heart palpitations and useful for Alriah bludgeon in the intestine and toxins.

Restoratives used in the eye and Galloway whiteness thin and dry and remove moisture from the wind.

Abap and tonic for the benefit of the ills of the cold in the head.

Benefit if Ostatt the common cold.

One of the best antidotes for snake biting ..

Are there other sources of maintenance?.

Yes, there are other sources of animal keeping, namely:

1 musk ox Musk-ox

Scientifically known as Ovibos moschatus lives in northern Canada have been transferred to the area of Alaska which is a bull short but strong muscle reached a height meter and a half ago, and weighed about 400 kg. Mudally has a large head with two horns to the bottom curves inward and protect the musk ox thick hair covering all parts of his body to the ground in order to protect it from extreme cold and the color of his hair brown to brown, blackened with the scent of musk, and nothing in muskoxen glands or bags as in the musk deer , but there are musk oxen in the blood of male and female ..

2 Musk Turtle Musk turtle:

There are about three to four species of turtles bearing maintenance and who live in southern Ontario, Canada, and extends its presence to the coast of America. There is a gland or glands in the lower part of the body of the turtle near the tail.

3 civet cats Civet cat:

Oukt civet ranging in length between 41 81 cm, has a long tail bushy hair up to 76 cm long and has the face of a cat-like face two types of African, Asian and distinct from the cat that has a longer body and face as well as longer and shorter legs and all five fingers of a man with five claws can be folded The fur is long and coarse gray color of the points or lines of black, civet cats is characterized by the growth of aromatic glands in the abdomen and is growing in the male and female alike, have access to these glands of civet Bkcth spoon of the glands of live animals from time to time, a process that is very harsh and the cat in the book After fishing cages and fed raw meat, but does not elicit never said that they Ihitjon cat to increase the production of civet civet and more sources of Abyssinia and it smells like the smell of civet musk completely ..

4 muskrat Muskrat:

(Musk rat) and is known internationally as the mosk in Pogs or inferred from the form of granules, known as (mosk in grian) These words are used because they are foreign words of world trade.

This mouse lives in swamps and stagnant water, and spread in North America, feeding on any plant growing water and eat soft animals from animals that water has a brown fur tend to blush a warm and Ithbll water, the length of the mouse feet and one tail and the length of ten inches, a wonderful tail It is not a hair, but scaly, a flat it is because of this works in the water Kmjaddav.

There are glands under the tail Tffersan what gives the smell of musk and fur this mouse is the most expensive fur world.

5 Chemical musk built:

We have built world (Baur) in the musk in 1880 has the smell of musk, but it differs from natural musk in the chemical formula is used musk chemical widely in the preparation of perfumes and there are several types of musk built and have a characteristic scent of musk These species include Musk xylol, Ketone musk, Musk ambrette. the color white musk, built in the form of crystals which is cheap compared to where ever the value of natural musk.

6 Plant XBMC:

There are Mexicans caught the scent of musk is fully known scientifically as Mimulus Cardinilis a plant has attractive flowers, orange with red spots. The so-called American musk.

See Chicago Sun-Times Monday, 28 September 1426 - October 31, 2005 - No. 13643

Grabbing at the Ibn Sina

Essence: the secret of animal musk Kzbi or is specific and Napan Makvan white guys to the medial Kqrnin.

Choice: Ojodh mineralization because of the Tibetan and Chinese, but was then Jergeri then Indian Maritime hand grazing for centuries, and then grazed by Albhemenin Hyacinths and then swallow.

Ojodh the one hand and the color and smell of Fiqahi yellow.

Printing type: hot and dry in the second Ibsa when some of them most likely.

Actions and properties: nice tonic.

Ornamental: If there is steaming in cooking.

Members of the head: If Osatt musk with saffron and a few camphor benefit alone, cold and headache, also in the state of decomposition, strong, moderate tonic for the brain.

Members of the self-Sadr: strengthens the heart and joy and benefit from flickering and savagery.

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