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Can prevent diabetes or reduce the likelihood of infection, by relying on a healthy diet of reduced amount of sugars and starches consumed daily, and avoid weight gain, and exercise appropriate.

The way to live with Vtkon by controlling the level of sugar in the blood, which avoid the patient's diabetes, diseases are many, especially heart disease, which were noted to have increase by two to four times higher in people with diabetes. The process of control of diabetes following the previous steps

In addition to follow the advice and instructions the doctor, and a commitment to medicine and take it in his time, and constant scrutiny. Can also use some herbs and materials that are considered safe herbs to reduce the sugar ring, and Alginkobayluba and Ganmima, and amino acid Karentin, and chromium, and selenium, and a lot of dietary fiber.


Cholesterol: to be of excellence, first between the two types of cholesterol, the first so-called low-density cholesterol (LDL) or so-called bad cholesterol, and the second high-density cholesterol (HDL) or the so-called beneficial cholesterol. As is known, the first type that is causing a lot of heart problems and clogged arteries Ktsalb and the addition of effort on the heart, and lead to the closure of some small blood vessels that feed the heart muscle. The second type, the increase positively to the safety of the heart and circulatory system, where he works to prevent the first type of gathering and transportation of the arteries to the liver to convert it to other materials.

Must be prompt treatment of this situation at the beginning of diagnosis and abide by it, with regular screening, and attention to healthy eating to reduce the amount of animal fat in the food and found in meat, oils and dairy products, and focus on certain foods have the potential to lower cholesterol green tea, garlic, fish oil and flax oil (for they include material omega 3), and soy, and increasing intake of vegetable fiber in the diet. And exercise constantly.

The same applies to triglycerides (Triglycerids), which is a major cause of atherosclerosis and heart disease.


The lack of sports and activities: sports event is an important factor and essential to the health of the body and heart and blood circulation in particular. Movement is active circulation, and increase the strength of the heart, at the same time reduce the fat in the body, removing the heavy burden on the heart. Also increase the oxygen inside the body and thus replenish the cells. Sport is also working on the burning of excess energy in the body, ie, it burns sugars and fats and prevent coalescence and accumulation in the body. The active work of the digestive system, liver and prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body. Active secretion of insulin and consumption by the cells.

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