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Wheat allergy ... Damage the intestinal lining!

Patients suffering from abdominal pain and diarrhea, and prone to anemia and osteoporosis
Wheat allergy ... Damage the intestinal lining!
[The treatment is to avoid foods containing wheat and barley]
Treatment is to avoid foods containing wheat, barley,

Sharifa Mohammad Al Aboudi

Disease known as underground or intestinal illness (Celiac Disease) are allergic to gluten, a protein found in wheat and barley, has described the disease for a long time but that the discovery of the causes of the disease was having noted pediatrician Dutch (Willem Dicke) a significant improvement in patients with symptoms associated with this disease so when you break bread and cereals during World War II and the return of symptoms after the return of patients to deal with these foods after the end of the war, raising gifted scientists and led to many studies and research and the first accurate description of the disease based on samples of the small intestine was in 1954 AD.

This sensitivity causes the inability to absorb nutrients as a result of inflammation and damage to the intestinal lining of the patients when eating foods that contain this protein (gluten).

Estimated incidence of the disease by about 1 per 150 people as a normal American and European research, but less than that in the Middle East, where up to 1 per 250 normal person, is worth mentioning that the symptoms of the disease may not be visible on the patient is clearly in many cases and can to appear at any age or sex, knowing that the patient's family members are more susceptible to infection than others because of genetic changes similar to cut and Musumaat with an infected person.

And that there are people more vulnerable to infection than others, such as patients with diabetes (type I), or thyroid disease or Down syndrome.

Because of the low absorption in the intestine and are due to the damage the inner layer of the intestine, the human being subjected to anemia due to iron deficiency and osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency and vitamin "d", according to some studies of Western probability of infection increase the likelihood of some Hodgkin's Lymphoma, he did not support the results of studies

Symptoms of the disease

A symptom of this disease, abdominal pain and diarrhea in some cases of drought are also exposed to the patient, weight loss and arthritis and skin rashes may result from the lack of protein in the body the rate of swelling of the feet, and may cause a lack of certain vitamins and some bleeding, neurological disorders and skin dryness and ulceration of the lips and tongue, and Some studies have pointed to the likelihood of infertility patients.

It is usually diagnosed by some accurate test of blood and stool samples, but the best and most accurate way to diagnose the disease to be the work of the telescope the small intestine (by mouth) and taking a sample from the intestine by means of medical specialists in the digestive system and then be detected on the microscope this sample to be sure diagnosis where accurate diagnosis is very important because treatment requires radical change and difficult in the life of the patient in terms of food.

[Bread flour Asmar]
Bread flour Asmar

The treatment of the patient to avoid foods that contain wheat, barley, and I know this is difficult as most canned foods are not free of wheat, barley, 'I wanted to mention some food acceptable and unacceptable and I hope that food companies follow those of other currently contain the product or free of gluten and with the components on the outer casing, where it contributes greatly to restrict treatment to patients that treatment for life in some cases might need to add some medicines, but such cases are very rare.

Foods accepted:

1 - rice, maize, potatoes, soybeans, and all types of beans and nuts.

2 - bread and pasta made from rice flour or corn.

3 - natural dairy products.

4 - All types of meat.

5 - All kinds of vegetables and fresh fruit.

Prohibited foods:

1 - wheat, barley, rye and oats.

2 - Most of the canned products of starches and dairy products, ice cream, meat, vegetables and flavors and desserts are not written them free of gluten.

Note that there is in most developed societies are in constant contact with the relevant government agencies and producers of food to provide service appropriate for this category of disease so that they can live a normal status, and there are sites on the Internet for those who wish to take some of the details and other information with all best wishes for good health.

[Damage to the lining of the intestines]

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