Alzhinsij benefits and how to use

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Alzhinsij benefits and how to use

Plant in East Asia, growing naturally in the valleys and forests and uses herbs in our country

Has been proven by many studies and scientific research, studying the many benefits Alzhinsij depressing, depending on the content of the active ingredient of the so-called Germanium and Ginsenoside
As well as on the basis of them as the best source is the type of Korea and to the high content of article effective remedial

It is the many benefits:
- Treatment of anemia and thin because it stimulates the digestive system to work regularly and helps in the digestion and absorption of food
- Increasing the efficiency of the immune system, where he works on the production of antibodies.
- Increased muscle activity or physical.
- Regulate blood sugar.
- Regulate blood pressure
- Reduces cholesterol
- Reduces symptoms of menopause, or menopause.
- Contains antioxidant properties Viguie of cancer and protects against symptoms of aging.
- Organizing hormones.

As for the DVD it has proved Recent studies in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Philadelphia University in the United States that most forms of Alzhinsij existing markets do not contain a sufficient quantity of the therapeutic use of this plant and the best source to get it is the natural form of it (ie the original roots)

You can use fresh or dry them in several ways:
1 - either cutting workshops and Tdaiha on tea or soup.
2 - grinding dry roots Gansij to be powder and a few of them under my tongue.
3 - chewing a piece of Alzhinsij.
4 - or 5 minutes after soaked in boiling water a national drinking water.

Weed specialists have advised using daily low doses 1: 2 grams per day of any party spoon or 3 times a week

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