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The benefits of sesame and uses medical

Sesame is an important source of fiber, minerals and protein 17.73% and 50% fat and vitamins from the family of B. Which is rich in vitamin E strengthens the nervous system, heart and arteries. It contains fiber type Sisanin scientifically proven that it plays an anti-oxidant and contributes to the stomach and reduces the absorption of cholesterol from food, as it reduces secretion of cholesterol in the liver.

* The benefits and uses:

- Sesame oil is very rich material Allisbuthain that keeps the brain cells and used for treatment of frustration and psychological stress is also used to facilitate the blood circulation. It is also rich unsaturated fatty acids.

* The depreciation method:

- Sesame is consumed in several forms Faihms or added to bread and pasta and add to the kinds of cooking, soups, and power and using sesame pretzel in Japanese cuisine and the system Almacrobiotk and sesame oil is used widely in Asian cuisine, Japanese and Chinese, who added to the Authority. And use of massage therapy is also used for rashes on the skin against burns.

- The sesame milk is mixed with water and sesame refinery Ealori a very rich and could be used to increase the weight.

- Are manufactured in the Middle East, a tahini sesame butter made from sesame seeds, peeled and contains 45% protein and 55% of vegetable oils, has several uses in the Middle Eastern cuisine. Tahini very nutritious and easy to digest, which is useful for the safety of teeth and bones as an important source of calcium.

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