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Anatomy of the_Heart

Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that can attack the body's connective tissues, especially heart tissue, joints, skin and sometimes the brain.

The heart of the practice is always suffer from the harm at least temporarily. The damage is permanent heart valves (rheumatic heart disease), which arises after a state football suis bacteria infection left untreated or not dealt with effectively, Alslake such as inflammation of the throat or scarlet fever.

Believed that the interaction of the immune system toward the spherical suis bacteria makes the immune system is abnormal damage the heart and other organs of the body also occurs in other autoimmune diseases.

Rheumatic fever in most cases occur in children between 5 to 15 years. However can be infected with younger children or adults. In the past fifty years rheumatic fever has become rare in the United States and other developed countries since the spherical suis bacteria strains that cause them has become much less common.
However, in the developing countries, rheumatic fever is still common and serious problem, and that person becomes rheumatic fever, it becomes vulnerable to infection by again if you have then Eruyat suis infections


Arise after the occurrence of rheumatic fever infections Eruyat suis several weeks. The main symptoms of rheumatic fever (but not all reside in each case) is arthritis and are small bumps (nodules) on the bone and the occurrence of involuntary movements, seismic and rashes and symptoms of inflammation of the heart.

Cardiac symptoms are not always exist, even if the heart was sick. Nevertheless, the symptoms of inflammation of the heart and the cover of the siege of the heart and heart failure can occur. These initial symptoms of rheumatic fever can last for months.

When rheumatic fever was common in the United States, were making a large number of children stay away from school. And some cases of rheumatic fever can be very slight, many of the people who have heart disease, rheumatoid do not remember that they have suffered a long serious illness like rheumatic fever time they were young.

In some people may go rheumatic fever without causing serious damage to the body, and others suffer permanent damage to heart valves. The most common injuries are the heart valves and aortic stenosis and aortic deficiencies and shortcomings Mitral stenosis Mitral.

These cases can cause interruption of breath and palpitations, fainting and chest pain, and may lead to sudden death.

Treatment Options

Rheumatic fever is diagnosed primarily by symptoms and medical examination. The holding of a blood test to detect Eruyat suis infection could help in the diagnosis of the disease.

The main treatment for the symptoms of rheumatic fever is to address the anti-inflammatory drugs, and most used is aspirin. In severe cases the adrenal cortex using drugs or corticosteroids to reduce inflammation.

Once that occurs rheumatic fever, antibiotics become useless treatments. However, if you have had in the past, rheumatic fever, you need to take antibiotics regularly to prevent new infections Eruyat suis as repeated infections can cause another bout of rheumatic fever. - Clean bed and your bed regularly to remove any peeling skin could be a food for Las home

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