Warnings of the risks of MP3 and IPod hearing

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Warnings of the risks of MP3 and IPod hearing

The European Commission called to reduce the level of sound in portable music devices such as MP3 and IPod because of the risk incurred by high sound levels in these devices on the sense of hearing for users.

The UNHCR called for unification of sound levels in these devices.

These claims come after a report said last year that nearly ten million people in the European Union face a risk of hearing damage to their permanent because they listened to loud music by the devices for a long time.

EU experts want to be able to sound basic services in these 85 dB with access to 100 decibels if the user wishes.

It is scheduled to hold bodies of specifications and standards in the European Union meetings next month to discuss this issue with is likely to reach a final agreement by next spring.

And found, on testing a number of these to sound levels in some cases up to 120 decibels, which Imail sound of the jet taking off.

"Said Dr Robin Yeoh specialist hearing in a British hospitals it is receiving increasing numbers of young people who suffer from hearing problems because they listened to loud music.

She likened such specialist cases injured workers because of industrial noise in ancient days.

And warned of the risks of high levels Alsuyat in these devices because they cause "permanent damage to hearing, leaving the serious effects on the private life of patients and their chances of obtaining employment opportunities."

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