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The mother's eye on her, and every time, every note draws the attention of the mother is without a doubt, a note must be stopped here, then the doctor and be judged for the pediatrician, and mother, now let's show you some important points in relation to the health of your child that is our most precious to exist.

Firstly: With regard to Balsafra or so-called (Bossvar Jaundice):

Appear yellow in the natural child of the third day after birth and be in the white of the eye and skin color is generally tilted to the yellow, and not for the green, not accompanied by any serious symptoms such as inability to breast-or lack of usual daily activity of the child in terms of his movement or sleep, either Yellow sick child often begins the first day of birth and the proportion is high, and color, sometimes tilted to orange, and due to the increase in broken blood or green, so it caused a blockage in the bile ducts, accompanied by both the lack of activity in the newborn and breast feeding.

That breastfeeding prolongs the period of the yellow natural child for a period of more than a month, but this is not cause for concern as long as the tests proved that the yellow benign and not of the type of harmful, and can be the mother in this case pieces of breastfeeding if it is three days, then use the formula return to breastfeeding after that.

Second: navel:

The baby's umbilical cord is the link between him and the mother inside the uterus for the duration of pregnancy and the navel is an easy place for microbes to live in. If you are not taking care of him in the right way since the early hours of the birth and be done by adding diluted alcohol for the navel (lye secret) twice more per day for five days.

Down with the remnants of the umbilical cord is often on the tenth day or atheist ten after birth, but what if this does not happen? What if the late fall?
The delay in the fall of the remnants of the umbilical cord is not to be taken into account, and do the necessary analysis to find out why, in some cases be the result of a defect in the work of white blood cells and known as (leuco penia) is the delay of the umbilical cord for up to a month or more, but this is accompanied by other things such as disease: the recurrence of chest infections or the common intestinal When the child patient, a rash Aujrrarij without pus on the child's body, and with respect to Balsrp There is another matter that must be said to you, dear Mother:
Is that in some cases, there is nothing like a piece of meat in small prominent after the fall of the remnants of the umbilical cord, in this case must be done on the abdomen-ray television as the bulge is often the remnants of Al (Urachus) that have not entertained during the period of pregnancy, consult a doctor is surgery on children in it.

III: high temperature:

The best place to measure the temperature of the newborn, is the anus, and the temperature is, then, is Drahp real heat of the child's body, note that if you take the temperature under the armpit, you must add half a degree up to the real degree of the body. And temperature generally ranging between 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius and is reading below that or higher than that required to consult a doctor immediately.
And is the first three months of the life of a child are a critical period, and where any rise in temperature must for admission to hospital, even if the mother did not notice any signs of harm to the child, as it high enough temperature for the diagnosis of serious diseases such as meningitis or blood poisoning or other critical situations.

The hospital and the receiving of the child at the time all the necessary analysis to detect the disease causes high temperature, including comprehensive blood tests, kidney function and liver functions, blood cultures, urine and cerebrospinal fluid, and that is what most objected to by parents and mothers, and in this area would like to acknowledge this the importance of taking a small amount of cerebrospinal fluid studies Mkroskubia and chemically grown and to detect the presence of any bacteria or viruses causing meningitis and mention here that the process of taking the cerebrospinal fluid, where safe needle placed in the vacant space of the nerves.

And with regard to heat, then we say that every mother not to have to use an antibiotic when any rise in temperature, as it is not a panacea for all the rise, and because the antibiotic kills bacteria and does not have any effectiveness against viruses or fungi, which can be to be causing a warming of the child in this case causes the antibiotic to reduce the vulnerability of the child and not cure it, and therefore should not rush to give the child any type of antibiotics without the permission of the competent doctor.

IV: Diarrhea:

In this regard we need to remind the mother that the child was breast-fed, which can have a bowel movement 1-7 times a day in various forms differ from the form of cohesive feces to pieces, or in the form of ointment, and all these forms be within the normal stool for your newborn child is not considered diarrhea at all, The child who depends on breast feeding in the dairy industry is held captive for colic and constipation in some cases, faeces and is more coherent than that of natural breastfeeding breastfeeding, and diarrhea in the definition is: change in the strength or the number of times a stool by the return of the child, in the event no change for the mother to consult a doctor, and the mother can start is by giving her child the right amount of rehydration solution, or what is known as feeders (Pedialyte) or (ORS), a transparent solution tastes salty, recoup the lost child in the incidence of diarrhea and The oral rehydration This is the oldest at the same time the most recent treatment of diarrhea in gastroenteritis, as it would not compensate for the loss of this child can be the solution for a small to enter into a spiral of drought and the consequent lack of body fluids, and the failure of the functions of the brain and and heart failure in the work of the faculty and the rest of the organs of the body, and some are mothers to prevent the child from eating or drinking during the period of vomiting, which will accelerate the emergence of drought, and Nz care mother that they should encourage the child to eating and drinking various juices and water, even if vomiting, and that to reach the doctor.

Fifth: immunizations:

Immunizations are the most important scientific inventions in addition to human health, especially a newborn child, as they provide him with immunity against many microbes and dangerous diseases that can affect their lives and destiny.
Take care of my dear mother to vaccinate every child immunizations recorded in the Ministry of Health, a total of a vaccine for hepatitis B, polio, triple bacterial vaccine, flu Imovilis B, vaccination against tuberculosis, meningitis vaccine vehicles.

My dear mother, that your eagerness at the follow-up your child down and identify your feedback and periodic visit to the doctor is the best way to detect any ill health and in your hand from the outset by the first treatment.

With my sincere wishes for good health for you and your child.

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Health Tips morning

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Health Tips morning

We strive to act in a way more health, and because all our actions affect our health in this article we will review some tips morning, which gives health and activity for the whole day

Six in the morning (or when getting out of bed):

1 - orange juice fortified with calcium:
If you start your morning orange juice, do not forget to add a calcium, in addition to the benefits of calcium known as reduce the symptoms of premenstrual blood pressure, osteoporosis, some emphasize that helps reduce weight.

Most of the calcium-fortified juices contain equivalent amounts of calcium found in milk.

2 - Take your vitamins:
Taking vitamins will provide you with many benefits Ohmha reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

3 - 7 grams of eating breakfast cereal:
Mean that eating 7 grams of fiber in breakfast cereal meal, because fiber intake is known by reducing the chance of cancer is also known to reduce weight because it reduces the absorption of 120 calories a day.

4 - Blueberries eat:
The Blueberries known as containing a high amount of Antioxidant (antioxidant) Therefore, the researchers believe that it slows the aging process. Also found in animal studies that it reduces the loss of memory.

5 - Add the milk to your coffee:
Address the coffee gives you the activity and add milk, but also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

6 - Drinking a glass of water:
We all do not drink water for the day, the drought caused by simple not to deal with water in sufficient quantity to cause fatigue when you wake up and loss of concentration, headache, and therefore dealing with 1.5 liters of water a day is essential to increase vitality.

At eight or when you go to work:

7 - Take an apple with you to work:

The presence of an apple with you at work when you eat it makes you feel hungry, a much better source of energy intake, which may candy or soft drinks.

A new study has proven that people who eat an apple a day resist Rithm air pollution more than others.

8 - Take with you a little nuts:

The nuts contain unsaturated fats, vitamin E and magnesium, found that eating a small amount of nuts (4-5 times a week) leads to better health, but remember not to frequent them because they also contain a high amount of fat (1 / 8 cup of nuts gives 14 grams fat).

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Abdominal gas - their causes and methods of prevention

That pain arising from the expansion of the stomach or intestine, and the accumulation of air or other gases, inferred from the expansion of the abdomen or a swollen abdomen Balasah ..

Infants and children, both of whom were fed on breast milk or bottle-fed babies swallow air as they drink the milk-fed or
This may cause a bit of harassment, if not thrown out by following the air (the club) and that are known to the public (Baltkira), so that the baby bears on the shoulder and gently pat on the back twice during breastfeeding, and once at the end

And produce gas in the intestine for fermentation of food waste with bacteria (flora) that grow and live in the colon normally ..


• ingestion of air with the speed of eating ..
• over-eating.
• Food is lacking in balance.
• foods containing pungent spices.
Foods corrupt.
• Drinking water during a meal ..
• soft drinks ..
• Eat in the case of fatigue or emotional stress.
• Eat foods that are not digested well and leave behind residues brewing, such as onions, beans and cabbage.
• Eat some drinks containing yeast Kalperp.
• Too much milk and dairy products Kalla coward and dairy products.
• Too much high-fiber foods such as grains and vegetables ..
It can relieve the use of harassment and one of the few simple treatments, such as eating to fill a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water. Or fill a glass of water carburetor and simple.

And if they (Alkrbp) arising from the use of aspirin for a cold or headache, the bicarbonate of soda as signified by the above might be feasible and practical. Or one can be distracted from the normal use of aspirin to aspirin (Almsdod) instead, and this type of aspirin, which does not result in any gas, which is sold in pharmacies.
And enemas and laxatives, and other methods of self-healing the strongest direct effect may be useless and harmful.

In all cases of stomach or abdomen pain, it there is the possibility of the presence of ulcer or inflammation of the excess worms or other serious situation. Perhaps made worse Zariea exacerbated by self-medication, as mentioned above (ie, that the patient will automatically cure itself without reference to the doctor) and many acute pain relapse of the patient, especially if severe, require medical care and specialist as soon as possible.
Some ways to treat abdominal gas and herbal medicinal plants and oils:

1. Drinking Tea (Anise - Alonison):
Drinking star anise tea - Alonison sweeten with sugar reduces the strength of gases, and attend the boiling method Cathal anise tea business completely, but on condition that leaves to a boil on the fire for 5 minutes.
Also willing Anise useful in the treatment of colic caused by poor digestion.

2. Chamomile Flowers:
Drinking emulsion flowers chamomile expelled gas abdomen, and removes the pain of colic, resulting therefrom, and equip the emulsion by half a tablespoon of flowers, chamomile, also known flowers cat eye, for each cup of water, hot to boiling point, and left for five minutes before Besvy emulsion hot, do not drink him no more than two cups per day with the need to refrain from smoking, coffee or tea

3. Orange blossom water:
The water of orange blossom rose 5 points per cup of drinking water removes the gas completely, and orange blossom water sold in bottles are sterile and wrapped with sophisticated shops Perfumery

4. Nigella sativa:
Placed cumin or black seed ground well in the food, and serve to expel wind and bloating. In view of the black bean contain essential oils benefit significantly in the treatment.

5. Water circuit:
Water circuit boiled with fenugreek seeds and output them benefit in the treatment of colic viewer from the wind, and lubricate the intestines, and drink this boiled preparation of tea ring with the addition of a little sugar to it, and then only by cup after breakfast directly, and another cup after dinner directly as well as when symptoms of Gas the abdomen.

6. Tea epithymum:
That drinking tea Saatar with a little sugar to go and analyze the wind and colic.

7. Crushed fennel:
Add fennel to the cooked food after heating directly (before the rest) expelled gases and the rate of one teaspoon of crushed fennel good food that Vzk Tabok each suit medium-sized food

8. Fennel
Given boiled fennel for children Khaknp enema to relieve intestinal colic resulting from flatulence and colic, when the child knows (Almmghos), so that we see the child Ikmc and raise the knees to the abdomen with pain accompanied by tears.

9. Cinnamon:
Drinking tea with cinnamon go intestinal colic, and removes the wind.

10. Coriander:
According drenched 25-30 grams of coriander (coriander) dry ground in a liter of water for the treatment of indigestion, abdominal bloating and wind, drink

11. Latency:
For the treatment of abdominal cramps and expulsion of gases and wind, put a tablespoon of cumin in a liter of water, and boiled on the fire, taken from this boiling half a cup before eating half hours, three times a day an average of one dose before each meal. For a period of two weeks complementary so that we can bring this treatment as a result excellent.
12 -. Rapeseed - Alsham:
Dealt with rapeseed or what is known as herbal seed Sham, and Almsahon well with the same volume of sugar (gram seed and drew grams sugar), or the equivalent of a teaspoon of each. Considers hampered the - Sfofa enough time to expel the large wind and then after a few drinks of water to remove.
This recipe and see taken in the middle of a meal for patients and prevent diabetes.

13. Lemon:
Drinking lemon juice or what is known Ballimonadp is a strong repellent gas

14. Marjoram leaves and branches:
Tea (Marjoram - or Mzrnco) with a little sugar removes the wind heavy, and works this tea by adding one teaspoon of leaves and branches of marjoram to a cup of hot water to boiling and then left to rest (cool down) for five minutes, drink it 2-3 cups a day after Eat immediately

15. Emulsion Mint - Peppermint:
Emulsion mint tea - mint of the best medicines for the treatment and expulsion of intestinal gas.
And attend this emulsion put a teaspoon of mint in a cup of hot water to boiling and then left to cool for five minutes after sweeten with sugar
And drink this tea or emulsion of 2-3 cups a day after eating directly.

16. Parsley sticks:
Audin chewing parsley - fresh Mekdons (green) immediately after eating is a simple remedy, but in spite of its simplicity and cheap cost, the good effect to the elimination of abdominal gas, and after a short period of eating parsley.

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Believed to be the original home of the ginger is South-East Asia in areas that are falling by the heavy rains and spread of cultivation in China, India, Jamaica and many African countries, and the type Jamaican was that the user has traditionally the work of pharmaceutical products, and is known Ginger for doctors of Greece as a medicine in benefit and diaphoretic and tonic for the heart
and the stomach sends warmth in the body in the winter and freezing cold.

User segment

Plant a length of about a meter has the smell of aromatic special taste pungent cayenne papers Rmahih green and flowers Yellow harvested when they start to wilt and take off the legs of terrestrial and placed in piles and separating the roots and dried and boiled with water to soften Vtakecr and scraped and boiled in sugar syrup several times and then kept for the use of a breed purlin in the legs and roots ground.

The mention of ginger in the Koran in Sura rights, as mentioned earlier, was known early Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula, it is sung by the Arab poets in their poems. It may be a ginger wine of Paradise is permissible to be its mood and legal to have a name of the eye which is taken of wine Nectar and his name also.

The ginger was mentioned in the Sunnah Abu Naim stated in the writings, prophetic medicine from the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al-vegetation may Allah be pleased with him said ((king of the Romans gave to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and ginger jar Votam everyone a piece and fed me a piece)).


Roots contain gums and greasy starch and volatile oil to give it aromatic smell the advantage of a component of Alcamvin Inalol and resin and non-oily Ganjerin pilot is responsible for the bitter taste of this plant.

Medical use:

Anti-vomiting and dizziness showed one recent study in the United States the benefit of dealing ginger powder against a vomiting and nausea associated with pregnancy ANTI EMITIC superiority of the product pharmaceutical Drammamine DIMENHYDRAMIN in the prevention of vertigo SICKNESS MOTION resulting from the riding of ships or aircraft or other so useful for people sensitive to air travel sea and some of it before traveling to prevent the occurrence of symptoms of vertigo.

Repelling gas where confirmed the therapeutic use of ginger to expel gas abdominal CARMINATIVE for the content of essential oil after the common ancient manual for this purpose The famous Muslim physicians such as Avicenna, wrote the prophetic medicine to the son of the values of Jawzi and being sold in pharmacies in tablet and doses of medical thought-repellent gas stomach and intestines .

Refreshing aromatic serves as add a little crushed for dishes, like other spices to increase appetite, as used by the ancient doctors of the preparation of many of the mixtures with honey and others to believe its usefulness in strengthening the sexual ability in both sexes, is ginger essential element in the most common types of curry and nuts refreshing.

Used in modern medicine to expand the blood vessels, and increased sweating and a sense of warmth, so its use in favor of the bitter cold days, especially for those who complain about how bad the blood circulation to Parties (icing).

Ease the pain of arthritis, and ginger ease the pain of arthritis and bone by eating 5-10 grams of crushed dry day for 3 months when he felt all the intake of this dose improvement in joint movement and the disappearance of pain, including lack of swelling and I think researchers Danes that ginger may act to discourage action of hormones that increase the severity of disease and inflammation in the human body and a Sichaelooksjnez Ibooksjnez which are prostaglandin hormones which make Ikuchitrnez and severity of disease and inflammation.

Eating syrup ginger warm from the first signs of cold and flu help to alleviate the congestion, nose and throat and to this end bring drink ginger hot water boiling with a teaspoon of husked fresh ginger with the juice of half a lemon with a teaspoon of honey original works gargling this mix before drink morning and evening.

Ginger for the treatment of ovarian cancer:

U.S. scientists that ginger may help in the face of ovarian cancer and the researchers at the University of Michigan at the headquarters of the American Association of Cancer Research that tests show that ginger kills cancer cells.

The study also found that ginger used as a spice and drink also has the ability to stop the transformation of the cells resistant to treatment.

Such findings represent a new hope for cancer patients and researchers used ginger powder, similar to what is sold in shops and they dissolved solution and applied to ovarian cancer cells and found that the experience led to the death of all cells in all tests performed, but which gave more hope is how these cells died by the tests demonstrated two types of cell death, the first cancer-cell suicide and the second is similar to autophagy has said the world Henry Skofot of the British Association for Cancer Research, said such tests and the results could represent the basis for a new drug.

Do not take ginger in the following cases:

Pregnancy and lactation as the spice of this property aborted pregnancy.

Suffering from a chronic illness in the digestive tract such as stomach ulcers or twelve or Echo visual or irritation of the colon.

If you are suffering from Behçet's disease or chronic mouth ulcers.

Do not address the ginger with aspirin or anti clotting drugs for blood as the spice of this recipe dilute the blood and prevent clots.

With blood pressure medication he may affect blood pressure, as it lowers blood pressure initially and then bump up).

During the menstrual cycle, where it could cause bleeding and increase the amount of menstruation.

What the effects of unexpected good or bad in the body when you use ginger very small quantities to improve the flavor of food.

Observations on the use of important health Ginger:

Has appeared recently in the analysis of ginger contains material resin painting called non-volatile static Gengerol this article is that gives ginger taste bitter favored by makers curry blends, where is the core element in more types of these blends.

This article in spite of being the characteristics of antiseptic and tonic only to find that many use, especially in Asian countries (India and Pakistan) may give rise to or accelerate the appearance of some malignant tumors, especially in the pharynx and esophagus, so I prefer not to use ginger for a long time and the treatment of incurable diseases such as pressure and cholesterol and preferably not exceed a daily dose of 4 g of ginger powder.

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Muscle away the risk of cancer for men

Sweden study confirmed that the muscles may be strong enough to ward off the risk of cancer for men, activists and athletes who follow a healthy diet and a method at a rate not significantly up to 40 per cent.
According to CNN, the news that the study by an international team at Sweden's Karolinska Institute followed the pattern of living for 8677 men aged between the ages of 20 and 82 years of age for two decades.
The study published by the journal Cancer Epidemiology and that stronger muscles are no less necessary for the maintenance of ideal weight and healthy eating for the prevention of malignant tumors.
Doctors recently recommended to follow a healthy diet and an active lifestyle as making a traditional physical exercises such as jogging or cycling to reduce the risk of cancer.
Underwent each participant to regular medical examination included tests of the strength of their muscles as engaged experts to monitor the number of people infected and died as a result of him during the study period from 1980 to 2003, experts found that the participants attending physical exercise and weight lifting and enjoy forces large muscle decreased risk of illness malignant tumors, including 30 to 40 percent.
And demonstrated a simple weight lifting exercises worthwhile, even among those with big bellies and the accumulation of grease or the owners of large body mass index.
It is recommended that scientists who study weight lifting exercises to do twice a week at least, came in search of the possible to reduce the rate of cancer deaths among men by encouraging preventive measures include exercise and muscle building.

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Reduce stress is necessary for the prevention of diseases

U.S. researcher said that the reduction of stress, which live under the brunt of a lot of Americans are currently by the crisis of unemployment and economic stagnation is necessary for the prevention of diseases.
Advised Bernadette Watson, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University Medical Center, Southwestern, who feel stress, particularly office workers to stay away for a short period for the computer and walk a bit or taking a break for several minutes for recreation.
The Anson said, "Eating a bowl of warm oatmeal helps to strengthen chemicals sedative to the brain such as serotonin, while foods rich in omega fatty acids - 3 help control the stress hormone cortisol and Idrellanin."
Also advised to address a cup of skimmed milk or low-fat before bed to ease the tension and anxiety and eating vitamin-rich orange "X" because it boosts the immune system and reduces the level of stress hormones in the body.

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Doctors stress the effectiveness of bee sting therapy arthritis

Proved exposure to bee sting to be effective in the treatment of many diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases after it was prompt many to escape they are in a state of panic to the hospital.
And the transfer Tuesday Sinyin doctors at the center of "Taibei" medical treatment in the northeast of Beijing as saying "We have changed the case where patients line up now in line for medication Vohrgaha bees and good health after everyone was fleeing from it."
He said, "Wang Jing," one of the doctors place "that bee venom therapy has a significant impact on patients with bone and joints, adding," that supports this treatment mainly on the venom of bees, which stimulates blood circulation and reduce inflammation and live the pain, "noting that the bees used in the treatment is a mixture of several types of Italy and the Gulf and brought up in the courtyard of the dispensary.
He explained, "Ging" that doctors use to capture Mlqata bee house bees and placing them one after the other on the pressure areas in the areas of pain. "The bee is then inherently Balsa and then die, and then continue to call it in the body of the patient for several hours, and patients say it helps to relieve their pain." He Jing that doctors treating subject before practice for the intensive training, pointing to the time required for the survival of the poison in the body and the number of bees necessary for treatment, the possibility of exposing the patient to bite more than 100 times but at least the number of stings for five or four times at least.
Because treatment status in China live honey bees on the areas identified in the pressure until the patient's body is exposed to bites to more than three thousand years and has become the practice of law since 2007. And bee sting treatment similar to acupuncture where the needle is used instead of needles Bee regular and in the same way, but bee venom, which doctors say it is a natural substance necessary for treatment, which makes injection as treatment

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Feeding the patients Feeding patients

تغذية المرضى Feeding patients

Nutrition is a key factor in the patient's recovery after the medicine prescribed by your doctor. Through the food the body can resist disease and the patient is equal to heal and regain his health in a short time, and so must be the implementation of the doctor's instructions for food with the same importance that carried out his instructions for the drug.

And take into account when feeding the patient the following:

Wash hands and mouth before and after each meal.
A towel to save his clothes and bed from contamination during food handling.
Careful when you eat.
Not awaken the patient at night to feed him only if the doctor's orders otherwise spent sleeping because it was reported nutrition.
Non-food preparation room or to save the patient.
Diversity of food colors within the species ordered by the doctor so the patient does not lose his appetite.
Make sure the patient is taking the necessary quantity of food.

If the patient can not sit down to eat on his own is given a food in a glass or cup, either directly or with a spoon.

Types of food patients

Liquid diet
Half of the liquid food
Light food

First: liquid diet
Consists of liquid foods full of liquid or semi-liquid refinery and easy digestion and absorption with minimal effort which provide the body with needed nutrients from a variety of fresh fruits such as juice, milk and its products Kalmhellbip light.

Second: half of the liquid food

This type of food is a compromise between food and liquid food that is both light and easier digestion of food, light and free of fibers and spices such as vegetables, fruits, boiled, chopped Caldwagn white meat, fish, milk and its products and Kalzbadi Almhellbip and white cheese, Jeli .... etc..

Third: Food Light

Available in this kind of food all the nutrients necessary for the body of food and energy construction, prevention, and mineral salts provided that it is easy to digest because it gives the patient is recovering, which followed the patient returned to normal diet such as milk and its products, refinery soup meat boiled or grilled vegetables boiled fruit boiled ... etc.

Catering for patients

Catering to the patient should be an appealing way to accept it, and give you nursed from the patient report to the doctor about the patient's appetite and the impact of food in it, and to assist the patient to eat if necessary. Must be provided hot foods hot and cold cold not warm up to no lack of appetite of the patient.

Clearance Tools patient
Cleansing is to use the tools antiseptic and disinfectants are chemicals used to kill microbes and germs, and that most were not nearly all toxic, and should use them cautiously. Disinfectants are divided into degrees according to the strength mismatch effect strong, and medium and low impact, and antiseptic solutions used to clean tools and machinery, clothing, hands, and each according to his needs. And this must be the patient's own tools and be kept in his room disinfectant after each use.

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