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Hypertrophy ، Hypetrophie

What it is:

Is the increase in the size of a member of the member resulting from an increase in the size of the cells in number.


Produces inflation member due to physical or physiological, such as inflation when the muscles of the players sport or breast enlargement in women or nursing mothers inflation uterus in pregnancy.

These oligopolies are any physiological and functional.

The reasons for sick members of inflation, they are depending on the quality inflated injured member:

A. Enlargement of the heart (Enlarged Heart) which occurs in the following cases:
1. High blood pressure.
2. Disease heart valves.
3. Chronic respiratory diseases, especially cirrhosis or expansion (or Amvezima Omvecema) lungs or swelling (edema) of the lungs. And the enlargement of the heart in these conditions result from the effort done by the heart muscles.

B. Can be amplified one of the kidneys for the following reasons:
1. After nephrectomy the other for having to do its duties, and that proper inflation is required.
2. The presence of gravel (gravel) in the basin of the college.
3. Ureter obstruction for any reason.
In these cases the so-called inflation patients: "Moo-college or college edema." The disease may lead either to inflation or college Dmorha.

C. Can be amplified in the case of one of the lungs:
1. Eradication of other lung.
2. A blockage in one of the people of towns.
3. Lung disease such as cancer or bags of water.
This would be the phenomenon of inflation and functional (physiological), to compensate for lung function, cleared or the patient.

D. The case of an enlarged prostate in men, may be physiological (functional) due to the increase in the secretion of cells in adults and the elderly, or the result was satisfactory.

The conditions that cause inflation in the prostate gland, are:
• chronic inflammation of the prostate.
• prostate cancer and other secondary tumors that occur. Causes an enlarged prostate or satisfactory job in most cases to the retention of urine may be the brand is a trademark of basic early this situation, especially when older men.

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