Almonds and prevention of cancer

Publié par happy-diet vendredi 26 mars 2010

Almonds and prevention of cancer

Researchers at the University of California that eating almonds helps to maintain the integrity of the intestine and the colon and prevent the emergence of diseases

The cancer.

The researchers found after the partition of a group of rats to 4 groups, so that given the first group of mice, and the second full almond almond

Fat-free and third discs of almond oil and the fourth diet devoid of almonds for 6 months. Then all mice were injected with a substance causing

Of colon cancer, and found that rats fed on almonds and fully achieved the best protection against intestinal tumors are cancerous. And seeks most

Cold northern regions to increase their plantings amygdala, the almond Yemeni the first place in the world in terms of quality

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