Childbirth: How long?

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Childbirth: How long?

One woman to another, the length of confinement varies from 2 to ... more than 20 hours! That vow birth as a letter to the Post Office or not, you necessarily pass through the following steps.

You rush to motherhood, if they come back every 5 minutes for an hour. On arrival the midwife checks the opening of your cervix which is an average of 5 centimeters. Below this figure, it will return home. Beyond 5 cm, you will stay in the maternity and begin the countdown of your birth.

Firstly, you are installed in a delivery room or a room in the space available and especially by the alleged time of the birth of your baby.
The midwife is there for you explain how your delivery will unfold, it prepares you regularly monitor the frequency of your contractions and dilation of your cervix. At this stage, the more often you have a few more hours in front of you. It is the longest period of birth. If you chose to give birth under epidural, this is when we will offer anesthesia.

It's always the midwife or your gynecologist, who controls your contractions and the opening of your cervix will decide when to make the final push and give birth to your baby. This stage lasts a few minutes in most cases but in some women this phase of expulsion may take up to 3 hours!

The issue
Your baby in your arms and yet your delivery is not completed. You need to expel the placenta. A step that often goes unnoticed for happy moms who take their babies in their arms do not even notice the midwives who still bustling around them. But sometimes the placenta does not come off: the obstetrician or midwife must then perform a "uterus". After you have lightly anesthetized, they go hand in your uterus to get the placenta, which could cause bleeding if left in place.

This ... delivery is completed and after two hours of observation you can finally earn your room. On average, among the first regular contractions and delivery, he spends 10 hours But you've understood this is not 10 hours of work. For you and for the future dad, all those minutes will go surprisingly fast.

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