In summer, treat your neckline

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In summer, treat your neckline

Plus it's nice, the more you expose ... and unless we protect him! But his skin is very fragile. Our five recommendations for the summer ...

For the neckline stays fresh, and maintenance ... to meet your dreams as long as possible, it is important to limit all forms of aggression and protect the maximum that can be.

- No perfume in the sun, as some aromatic species cause brown spots indelible. Bergamot particular. The morning before applying your sunscreen, massage the neck and décolleté with care rich in vitamin A derivative (retinol), to stimulate collagen production and delay the appearance of first wrinkles.


- Protection index of 50 is recommended ... and not only on the beach! When you have lunch on the terrace too, because it is often in town when the sun is at its zenith, we caught most easily sunburn.

- After the beach, after-sun moisturizer is needed. To apply to massage the breasts to the neck and shoulders to rejuvenate the skin deep and smooth. Think also of compact tinted creams rich in UV filters that protect from sun and gild the skin like real tan.

- If exposed to intense heat, counter its negative effects on the firmness of the skin you inundating fresh water to tighten all the small blood vessels in the skin. A tip: In summer, always keep a spray of hot water in the fridge!

- A long, pigmented spots and wrinkles appear. If your neckline seems a little "shabby" (this happens when you sleep on your side and that breasts are stacked one on another), use of masks moisturizers like you do for your face.

- If you are a follower of "topless", expose yourself very slowly and remember to protect your chest with a cream index 50, otherwise you may damage the fibers of the dermis responsible for the firmness of the breasts.

And if I have implants?
This does not alter the precautions. If you have implants preserve the skin from the sun as the skin, she does not change!

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