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The CLUSIACEAE formerly guttiferous are trees or shrubs of tropical-equatorial regions (for generalities on this family or "Tamanu).
The genus Garcinia is well represented in South-Eastern Asia and India, but there are also Garcinia Africa and tropical America including the Caribbean.

The Garcinia, like many CLUSIACEAE, laticifers have a network that carries oleoresins. Some oleoresins (gamboge) are or have been exploited for their physical and chemical properties (insulation, adhesive, protective) or medicines.

The fruits of Garcinia are "soft" globular sometimes contain an edible aril.
The mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana, is a native of the region Indomalesia he is known for its delicious fruit, mangosteen, considered one of the best tropical fruits. It is a globose berry 3 to 7 cm in diameter, the envelope (flavedo), strong enough, often purple, often marked with scars. The fruit is slightly lobed, which corresponds to the edible inner segments. The white pulp of the fruit is juicy, sour, fragrant, and contains few seeds oblong.

Garcinia cambogia (Malabar tamarind in English) is now used for its small fruit (inedible) whose bark contains a large percentage of hydroxycitric acid. This organic acid has been considered for quite some years as a substance to lose weight effortlessly. This tree is native to the region Indomalesia as Garcinia hanburyi, the leading provider gum gutter.

Garcinia mangostana

The fragrant flesh of the mangosteen contains organic acids, sugars and easily digestible soluble vitamins.

The bark of the fruit and the tree contain phenolic compounds with anti-allergic and anti-inflammatories, "xanthones" Mangostine.

Japanese researchers have recently revisited these compounds, known since the 19th century. They are easily removed by a water-alcohol solution. This study demonstrates that the alcoholic tincture at 40 ° from the bark of fruit allergy is by its power and antihistamine inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis

Garcinia cambogia and Garcinia indica

The peel of fruits of both species contain a lot of hydroxycitric acid.
This organic acid studied, since the 60-70, disrupts the conversion of glucose into fatty acid by inhibiting an intracellular enzyme. It is known that glucose (sugar) assimilated during digestion is either used immediately or stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, is converted into fat and stored in fatty tissue.

Garcinia extracts in vitro and in animals, prevent the accumulation of fat, seem to decrease appetite and increase at the same time glucose consumption (thermogenesis). We understand that in this case the lean animals: the perfect diet, slimming cure.

Unfortunately humans that does not work as well. The results of studies in overweight people have irregular moderate weight loss in almost nonexistent.

Garcinia hanburyi

Gamboge gum produced by this tree is a purgative in traditional veterinary medicine, too drastic for its use is recommended in humans.

Garcinia kola

This tree of West Africa used by traditional healers contains many substances with the potential pharmacological interest: flavones, of xanthones, the benzophenones.
The extracts of this tree would be anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antidiabetic and liver protectors.


Garcinia cambogia, G. mangostana, G. indicators are all used for a long time in traditional medicine, Indian, Thai and Malay, as well as Ayurvedic medicine.

The most common preparation is decoction of the bark of fruit: anti-inflammatory (arthritis), to regulate the bowel (diarrhea, colic, chronic disorders), to clean wounds and ulcers, as anti-helminthes (an extract of Garcinia At one time marketed in France under the name "amibiasine").

The fruit of Garcinia, or extracts, are often used in cooking as a condiment Indomalesia, a bit like tamarind.

It is estimated that extracts of Garcinia cambogia concentrated hydroxycitric acid or its calcium salt can help you lose weight:

* When food is too rich in carbohydrates (sugars, sweets, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. ..). The extract of Garcinia does not when food is too rich in fats.
* When it absorbs the Garcinia extract rich in hydroxycitric acid shortly before eating (1 / 2 hours to one hour before meals)
* When the daily dose is quite high: at least the equivalent of 1500 mg of hydroxycitric acid per day in divided doses depending on the meal in some studies the daily dose is close to 3 g per day and even 4.5 g per day .
* Avoiding a diet high in insoluble fiber (like sound) which prevents apparently he intestinal absorption of hydroxycitric acid or its salts.

It is on the market for pure extracts of Garcinia, or dietary supplements that contain it, often in combination with other substances or plant extracts referred to slimming.
We must prefer pure extracts of garcinia for weight loss supplements contain compounds do not usually enough to be effective. Also certain substances associated with extracts of garcinia may have harmful side effects (chromium, caffeine, ephedrine).

To lose weight using extracts garcinia, remember that diet is lean meat without fat or fatty fish, without supplementation with insoluble fiber (wheat bran), regular physical exercise. It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks for a weight reduction that can, in most cases, reach 10 to 15% of body weight.

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