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Benefits of the movement

Dear brother and sister / to pay attention to the importance of both physical activity and sport in our lives and make our motto permanent and continuous in order to have better health.
Sport is right and proper thing that should his performance there is no health without real movement. The change in the behavior of living today because of the rapid development and progress and technology in all areas of daily life and our dependence entirely on the number of control devices, elevators and escalators and the use of means of modern transport, in addition to that most businesses are operated by many people require a sit-term, leading to the behaviors wrong in matters of daily life from lack of exercise and activity (not only the person himself, but extended it to his children and his family is the basic unit in the composition of the community) and this in turn cause health problems and psychological many of the individual and the family and society.

One of these problems caused by lack of exercise are as follows:
• 1 - inactivity and laziness and dependency on others.
2 - tired of the least effort and lack of patience and tolerance and fatigue rapidly.
3 - Lack of awareness of cognitive and memory impairment, apathy.
4 - anxiety, tension and insomnia.
6 - The emergence of disease of the affluent At an early age such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity and the many repercussions.
7 - The fragility of the bones and stiff joints and chronic pain.
8 - the appearance of premature aging.

Among the benefits of sport and movement of the body:

1 - help the movement and sport on the work of the heart will increase the efficiency and ability and strength. It also helps blood vessels also get rid of cholesterol and fatty deposits and prevent the composition and help to increase blood cholesterol level is useful, which may cause clots, heart and brain.
2 - helps to breathe deeply, which increases the amount of oxygen inside the lungs and thus to increase the efficiency of the lungs.
3 - To strengthen muscles and improve physical fitness: It increases the resistance and tolerance to stress and fatigue and tear and disease.
4 - active bone cells and strengthens tissue bone and increase bone density and strengthen the tendons and ligaments between the joints and increase flexibility, making it easier to bend and move the body's flexibility and without pain or tension, and that the movement will help to increase the gunk in the joints, which prevents the wear of cartilage between them.
5 - contribute to the digestion of food and absorption of the small intestine, one of the most important treatments for chronic constipation.
6 - movement and activity and sport under the burdens placed upon the nervous system of tension and anxiety, regardless of energy accrued and launch. It also helps to raise the moral sense of man and supports the self-confidence and self-esteem and improve mood and behavior and improve the sleep pattern.
7 - Helps to get rid of obesity. They claim to a large number of health problems such as: cardiovascular disease and stroke, heart attack and stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure, fat and joint pain and bone disease and varicose veins and gallstones and a defect in the system of the menstrual cycle and certain types of cancers such as breast and cervical cancer.
8 - and strengthen the sport of human immunity and increase resistance to disease.

Here are some general tips to achieve the best behaviors of everyday life:
• 1 - If you are running any work requires sitting long, try to leave your seat and move from time to time and walk even inside the room.
2 - due to go to the mosque on foot In it the health and pay.
3 - back to stop the car when shopping or when going to a picnic at a remote location so as to give an opportunity for your feet to move and walk.
4 - Try to take the time, even three times a week at least (and preferably every day) for some exercise and try to range in the exercise of it to work daily exercises for 30 minutes Iumiaouhol be exercised in the open air.
5 - There are exercises and movements do not need to premises and equipment for its performance, for example, walking and running Riyadtan useful, Mslitan and are light to all people, men, women and even with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart (and to consult a doctor) and can be practiced everywhere in the courtyard of the house, places of leisure.
6 - trained and aware of your children to follow a healthy lifestyle every day and promises to yourself and to do so. And between them the importance of sport.
7 - To reduce the use of control devices
9 - Reducing the time to sit down in front of TV, computer and electronic games for a period not more than one hour per day, studies have shown that the more time sitting in front of TV for children, increase the incidence of obesity among them.
10 - Select the time to perform some exercise every day, like in the morning or late afternoon (this is the best time to perform the exercises), and performed every day to become a daily habit.
11 - encouraged the children to play such as running or cycling, swimming, football, for instance, it's better sports, and tried to play with them and instill in them a love of movement.
12 - Do not rely on the server and the maid in all matters Doing the work of cleaning house or cooking or arrangement to the head of the house, and a lot of traffic and also for the man who can do some home business as an organization, burning vegetation in the yard or clean the car.

What types of sports:

Exercise can be divided into two types depending on the availability of oxygen:
Aerobic exercise: This depends on the type of sport and the presence of oxygen to release energy), such as walking, jogging, running and swimming are exercises that benefit the human oxygen from the air inside and working to supply the body cells of oxygen to function efficiently. It is the best types of sports it improves blood circulation and stimulate the heart and help to lose weight.
Anaerobic exercise: This type of exercise in which oxygen is not available in sufficient quantity to accomplish the movement of the muscles the way wind and thus the production of energy without the use of air enough). An example of this exercise: activities that require maximum effort in a very short period of time as the Lamb of weightlifting and running for short distances such as 100 200 400 meters, and these sports is working to make the muscles stronger and more resilient.

Who can do sports
Each person can do the work of exercise .. Children, men and women and the elderly.
It is the best sports light, practical and which do not require special equipment and I asked her to anyone can exercise is walking.

General tips when you do physical exercise:
• 1 - If you have a chronic illness you should consult a doctor to take the necessary precautions, and identifies you as the type of sport for you. *
2 - Choosing the proper shoes to reduce foot injuries. *
3 - times of the morning and late afternoon are the best times for exercise. *
4 - If you're a beginner, try to range in the work never does exercise shortly to time, and then ranging up to 30 minutes at a time at least to the work of the exercises. Try to perform exercises at least three times per week and preferably every day. *
5 - Action exercises to warm up and calm before and after exercise for a period of 5 minutes (such as exercise stretching and jumping in-place), and if the exercises do not need to light it. *
6 - Failure to do sudden movements during the performance of the exercises.
7 - Avoid exercise on uneven ground to avoid the risk of infection. *
8 - Try to exercise is fun and entertaining. *
9 - Eating too much water when you perform the exercises. *
10 - do not expect a rapid change after the first practice of sport, but the benefits will continue with the sport and commitment. *
11 - when feeling tired or sudden chest pain stops on the performance of exercise immediately and see the doctor.

Benefits of movement and exercise for the body:
The movement of physical activity and sport of the most important reasons to strengthen the body and the recommendation of the soul and stimulate the brain, and can be summarized the many benefits of the body as follows:
1 - stimulating the heart and circulatory system:
Help movement and sport work of the heart will increase the efficiency and ability and strength exceeded the heart's pumping of blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to all organs of the body and muscles for the continuation of life processes for energy production, leading to nutrition and better ventilation to these tissues and less an effort of the heart.
2 - help movement and sport to breathe deeply, which increases the amount of oxygen inside the lungs and thus to increase the efficiency of the lungs, allowing the exchange of oxygen-laden air with carbon dioxide resulting from the oxidation of some food through the processes of inhalation and exhalation.
3 - To strengthen muscles and improve physical fitness:
Increase movement and physical activity of the muscle size planned and strength and also becomes the blood vessels are large and chewy and all this leads to increased muscle strength and increased resistance and tolerance to stress and fatigue and tear and disease, as well as the person feels agile, lightweight, and can do daily tasks without feeling tired, stress, and with minimal effort.
4 - Support for structural device:
Active bone cells and strengthens tissue bone and increase bone density to increase calcium absorption and balance between calcium and phosphorus, and strengthen the tendons and ligaments between the joints and increase flexibility, making it easier to bend and move the body's flexibility and without pain or tension, and that the movement will help to increase the gunk in the joints, which prevents Dissolution of cartilage between them. Thus, the group saves the human infection back pain and arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica and osteoporosis.
5 - Organization of the digestive system:
Also increases the movement of the ability to eat and open the appetite and improve the nutritional status of appropriate (proper selection of food) and take advantage of food optimally. One of the most important treatments for chronic constipation by stimulating bowel movement and help them to waste disposal.
6 - to stimulate the nervous system and support the psychological point of view:
Movement and activity and sport less burden placed upon the nervous system from stress and anxiety (especially in this era because of the accumulation of responsibilities and tasks, noise and thinking).
It also helps the movement and sport to raise the hand of man and the moral support of self-confidence and self-esteem and improved mood and behavior and improve the sleep pattern leading to improved psychological point of view of the human being and reduces depression, anxiety and psychological stress.
7 - Helps the movement and sport to get rid of obesity:
If the physical activity and sport contribute to reducing the risk of many diseases, such as: *
1 - heart disease, blood vessels and stroke. *
2 - hypertension and high cholesterol. *

3 - diabetes due to increased insulin sensitivity and reduce the level of blood sugar.
4 - diseases of osteoporosis and diseases of the joints, arthritis and chronic back pain. *

- And strengthen the sport of human immune and increase resistance to diseases such as colds and other infectious diseases.

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