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Garlic herbal plant native to the country in the Mediterranean Sea and which has spread to the rest of the country and garlic is one of the oldest plants known in Egypt, where he found carved on the walls of temples of the pharaohs. Grown for two periods of the year .. the first from mid-September, September to late October I, October, and the second of October, until the end of October, November, December
According to stories in Egyptian hieroglyphics that garlic was given to the workers who build the pyramids are educate and preserve the health of the athletes and Greeks in ancient Greece, eat raw garlic before engaging in contests and dealt with the Roman soldiers before going to the fighting, and recommended the father of medicine Hippocrates old taking garlic for protection from infection and contamination wounds and leprosy and is forced to digest
Garlic has been mentioned in the heavenly books in the Qur'an mentioned once. Where he says: "As you said Moussa would not be patient food and one of us pray to our Lord, which grows out of the ground and Baklha Qithaiha and Fumha and Adsha and Beslha, said Otstbdlon, which is the lowest that which is good, insisting the Ahptoa you what you ask and beat them humiliation and wretchedness and angrily Baa from God that they were disbelieve the revelations of Allah and killed the Prophets without right, including that they were disobeyed If you attack "(al-Baqarah 61)
Has been interpreted in the novel Mujahid Abu Laith bin Sulayem said, "foam" is the garlic.
In the Middle Ages, garlic was used for the prevention of plague, and worn by people such as necklaces for the expulsion of demons and vampires
In the First World War was used for the prevention of gangrene

Varieties of garlic and installation

There are many kinds, and usually these take the names of the varieties producing municipal and garlic garlicky Chinese ...

Garlic contains 61-66% water 3.1-5.4% protein, 23-30% carbohydrates 3.6% fibers and elements of the sulfur compounds with oil and Ttiyaroset Algarelik Alalistin and vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and mineral salts, yeast and anti-mold and discounted blood pressure and generating materials for the secretion of hormones like yellow and sex hormones
And consists of cloves coated papers Selliosep transparent to the reservation of drought and still at use, and garlic is eaten fresh or Medkouka true with eating to improve the taste, or cooked foods
If used excessively it must be followed by a stench with the breath of the mouth and the skin with sweat to evaporate all volatile oils inside the body may continue to evaporate most of the day and help to relieve the smell a drink of milk or chewing parsley or race or grain bin Hill, or a piece of apple.

The benefits of garlic

Garlic and effective role in the treatment of chronic bronchitis and bronchial inflammation of the membrane Alenzli and frequent colds and flu as a result of putting a large proportion of oil Algarelik through the respiratory system when dealing with garlic, and is also an active role in the killing of resistant bacteria and the poisons they produce .. and the TB bacteria are highly sensitive to article bacteria found in garlic and extend the benefits of garlic to the field of malignant tumors in the case of milling produces a substance known (Diyalal), which lead to reduce the size of cancerous tumors by half if the injected .. This is in addition to other materials lead to the suspension of adhesion substances of breast cancer cells .
According to the cases of cough, asthma, anthrax, stomach ulcers, flatulence, arthritis, liver and generates a discharge (yellow), lower blood pressure, menstruation, and increase the body's immunity against diseases, and earned vibrant and increases body temperature, and benefits in cases of intestinal diseases rotten and cleanse the intestinal tract, especially in children and to help patients in the diabetes often prevent them from complications of the disease, and can work (for spray), from garlic to Almdouhs finger as he chased the toxins and poisons, especially snakes and scorpions in bandages from pulverized.
Have shown in vivo experiments on animals in Japan that eating garlic tablets or additives lead to an increase in the secretion of "Nuraibernfrin" that speed up the digestion of fats triple with a marked increase in the growth of adipose tissue structure. The researchers explained that fat tissue structure is a fat-generating the heat works on the regular fat-burning oxidation, where the energy is released from burning the form of heat, confirming that garlic may become the most famous material for fat burning if it is proved that the same results on humans.
Studies have documented the importance of garlic in lowering cholesterol in the blood. One of these studies emphasized the study of Germany that the use of garlic for 12 weeks leads to a reduction of cholesterol in the blood to 12% and triglycerides to 17%. Not only the benefits of garlic, which was confirmed by studies on only this, has proven its effective role in reducing the likelihood of pre-eclampsia caused by blood pressure, as well as it helps to increase the birth weights
And that garlic is useful in improving sexual ability as well as a stimulant nervous and be used to treat hair loss and infections resulting from post-partum (maternal) In addition, it helps to expel worms and parasites from the digestive system. Some scientists believe that the garlic the same protective effects of cancer, especially cancers of the human stomach and colon, the orientation or the presence of a known today as found in garlic.

Disadvantages of the use of garlic:

The study warned that the new magazine published "Clinical Infectious Diseases" specialized that garlic may pose a risk to the health and lives of AIDS patients because of its negative impact and the disruption of the treatments for this disease, despite the many benefits is known about garlic.
The researchers found at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, garlic, which is commonly used because of the belief that it reduces blood cholesterol levels, which increase because of some AIDS treatments, reduces the levels of medication "saquinavir" in the blood to the half.
Garlic is very rich material, it sometimes causes indigestion, and gastrointestinal irritation, or irritation in the urinary system. Therefore should be avoided to avoid doing it too much or eating infected by intestinal disorders such as lazy and weak stomach, or renal insufficiency
Here, we draw attention to a lot of eating garlic born itching, hemorrhoids, indigestion and sour cause burning in the stomach and intestines and the esophagus. And if it exceeds storage age not eaten and is worsening and odor.

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