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Hepatitis is one of the types of infections that may affect the liver where it causes this type of inflammation particular virus is one of the characters stands for E - D - C - B - A by type of virus, but the inflammation caused by hepatitis B virus was the most species
that are spread among the people where an estimated number of HIV-infected at least 300 million people around the world and there are other types of infection that attacks the liver and may be caused by inflammation of the liver is called immunotherapy or immune system due to the existence Alamibia is called amoebic hepatitis or the result of taking certain medicines, we here are talking about viral hepatitis in particular no doubt that the symptoms of viral hepatitis Similar in most of these viruses, where the infected person suffers from symptoms as soon as possible to the symptoms of colds, fever and pain in the body and general weakness may become infected patient status nausea loss of appetite and pain in the upper side of the abdomen and the color of stool becomes more Ahoba element most important and most referring to is the emergence of the disease (jaundice) any yellowing of the skin and eyes, giving a strong indication of disease, but sometimes does not show the brand, which may cause confusion when doctors diagnosis as well as particular patient and he has also reminded us that any symptoms are acute symptoms akin to influenza, and so the most important element in the subject is world tests the laboratory, which showed the presence of disease, but the danger could become pathogenic to the case of chronic active when the virus attacking the liver cells, which may lead to cirrhosis of the liver and and then to cirrhosis of the liver or the possibility of injuring the patient's liver tumors, especially liver cancer, as the inflammation of the liver is one of the main causes of liver cancer is the second leading cause after smoking is far more contagious than AIDS, the liver is one of the elements working hard and activity in the body where the most vital functions n in the body, but the problem that this member of the silent members do not reflect the problem easily, so we recommend that all those suffering from these symptoms to the doctor to speed up and try to detect and conduct the necessary tests which may show injury note that exams, inexpensive, and, if there is a reference to the presence of the disease it is necessary that the work of lab tests show activity of the virus in the blood by testing (HBE - AJ) and examination shows the amount of virus in the blood (BCRHBV-DNA) and the risks of people living with HIV (HBV) is infected with the possibility of (D) that does not exist in usually only when infected with hepatitis (B) where it intrudes the virus and no other specific compounding the seriousness of chronic hepatitis (B), which is more prevalent among the people and the risk of this disease, which leads to the further spread of disease, especially among children is that one of the ways transmission is the transmission from mother to baby at birth, while not proven up to this moment the possibility of transmission of HIV (C) from mother to fetus and that the most important means of spread of viral hepatitis is the direct exposure to secretions of various body directly, especially when blood transfusions and during sex and other means of committing haraam, drug abuse and participate with other tools, medical non-sterile, where the use of non-sterile medical instruments, especially when dentists are one of the main reasons for the spread of the disease with great regret to advise that patients who are re-examining dental surgeries to be sure to sterilize the tools as this subject a personal right of the patient.


There are two types of treatment Mstkhaddman of this disease is the first type is chemotherapy and the second type is this product is wonderful in dealing with viral hepatitis and this natural product, which came from the heart of nature created by God Almighty and to make the secrets are known only to the Almighty and then who wanted to brief him on some of these secrets. No wonder my brother Karim said God told us of the grace and mercy through summarize we have a cure for this disease and that the whole of the specialists and doctors, pharmacists and researchers that chemotherapy is not curative for this disease, but is the treatment leads to partial control of the activity of the virus body and the best of estimates up to 30% of patients, who are controlling the activity of the virus in their bodies, not eliminate it completely treat (i nterferon) is the main treatment used in the treatment of this disease is the treatment of immune suppressor not only in modern medicine on the market is still incapable of dealing Meh disease treatment better than this treatment did not prove his effectiveness for the disease is still the focus of this aspect on the preventive side rather than on the curative side through vaccination against the virus (B) does not specifically before the world was still puzzled virus (C), especially as motionless body's immune system be Low resistance to the virus and there is no vaccine can deal with this disease and we do our part we search for the best scientific means to prove the effectiveness of herbal treatment of the disease so that the approach taken in the effectiveness of herbal treatment approach depends on accurate scientific laboratory indicators of modern scientific and we found that the best available means by which show the effectiveness of the treatment on the virus itself and not only on the immune system and the treatment has a direct impact on raising the efficiency of the immune system, we found that more tests that serve the subject is to examine (BCR), which shows the amount of virus in the blood of one Almlmitr We began our study of eight cases infected with hepatitis C type (B), where we do lab tests before treatment start racing show the amount of virus in the blood Almlmitr one and then we have to hold examinations for the patients one month after starting treatment showed the impressive final results show the combination herbal where all patients who could Tabanahm disposing of the 50% of the virus preparation and then continued to study on the same tests until we came to the conclusion to get rid of the virus (HEGETIVE-BCR) in a final and accompanied the study, tests for liver enzymes to check the work of the liver cells Fasttena access to the conclusion that liver enzymes return to the situation natural grace of God Almighty, suggesting that the treatment worked directly on the virus and secondly that the liver is due to perform functions normally and get rid of the disease, hepatitis (B) with the help of God.

Features of Herbal Medicine

First: a natural herbal treatment and out of the embrace of nature either treatment few other industrial chemical extract of the chemicals.

Second: Ashi natural treatment works to kill the virus and get rid of it directly and final chemical is either only works to stop the activity of the virus and not get rid of it altogether.

Third: herbal remedies natural fast-acting and you can see the results within the first month of treatment began to use either a poor campaign and other treatment longer to achieve the results of physical therapy and limited proportions and physical therapy have an effect on high rates of disease up to 90% of the disease, while not exceeding the results of other treatment to 30% maximum limit.

IV: The cost of natural herbal remedies is less than the cost of chemotherapy.

Fifth: natural herbal remedies raise the efficiency of the immune system the immune system in the body.

VI: natural herbal remedies liver cells do nicely and works to restore the liver cells by liver enzymes to normal.

VII: can not compete with the chemotherapy treatment herbal natural in this area and we guarantee what we produce, it is normal for effective security does not have any side effects

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