Beware .. Candles may be a cause of infection as "asthma"

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Beware .. Candles may be a cause of infection as "asthma"

Recent study showed that candles can be a source of contamination of the air in the room, through the left a number of toxic gases, Kaltolen and gasoline, does not occur with the effects of some candles to remember.

The candles made from "paraffin" most species in the production of harmful gases, are not in those made from Alsoapen, or candles bees any damage, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of South Carolina.

The researchers said that lighting a single candle, you may not cause a problem, but the lighting in the place of a number of them lack good ventilation, it may work on the development of asthma, causing a variety of allergies.

The Tirstin George, an expert in the study, said research team "some candles less impact than others, but the issue needs more research."

Tirstin urged people to be cautious on the types of candles used, or where he can be lighting candles, as a source of sulfur gases that are spread in the place of ignition.

Tirstin He said: "Since the rights can not be put against his light a candle, usurps the rights try to reduce the consumption of candles as much as possible, and if lit candles inside the house, you must maintain the suction fans at home working."

The candles are not alone, the only source of pollution within our homes, according to researcher David Rocnctritsc, Vodoat cleaning, hair spray, and others, all materials contribute to the contamination of the environment Aldakhip.

Rocnctritsc said: "We live in an environment full of pollutants and chemicals, because people use thousands of products, does not mean the existence of these products on the shelves of luxury boutiques and shops to be safe."

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