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mlaitonin is a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain.
A gland, which leads the orchestra conductor Adenoidal most of the body, it produces hormones that stimulate or inhibit the other glands in the body.
Reach a peak hormone Almlaitonin, during the night during the sleep, and the level of this hormone fall a lot during the day when fair weather. Therefore helps the body to preserve the natural monotony of life, because it controls the body's natural time cycles of sleep and is associated with a cloudless night and day.
As people age decreased level of production of the hormone melatonin in the brain. This hormone contributes to the prevention of oxidative damage in brain cells, will prevent and delay the theory actually take place several diseases, including disease, "Alzheimer's" or "early dementia". Animal experiments demonstrated that the addition of melatonin to the drinking water prolonged the reconstruction of animals, and reflected the signs of age and aging in laboratory animals, and the impact of the results of this research, some researchers hope to keep the vitality and youth in addressing the rights of the hormone to prevent inactivity, which occur in the physical and mental functions.
The melatonin-making body of the amino acid called Hydroxy Tryptohan. With the help of (Mg + Vit B6 + Vit B6 niacin Magnziom. To arrive at the brain called serotonin, which article is soon transformed it into the brain to melatonin. Melatonin is cherry tomatoes.
The form Khaamad amino Tryptohan Contained in:
Cheese, milk, meat, fish, turkey, bananas, dates, peanuts, foods rich in protein, yeast uses and benefits of melatonin medical
1. Prevent insomnia 1-5mg, start at lower doses before bedtime and then increase.
2. Prevent the symptoms of flight over the area of time, effect, called jet lag, take 3-10mg lending under the tongue half an hour before sleep after arriving at your destination.
3. Delay the emergence of symptoms of aging and wrinkles, and by addressing the drive under the tongue before going to sleep 0.5-1mg per day.
4. Used as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease with other medicines.
5. Address diseases of the origin of myself:
- Winter depression.
- Headache sisterly. - Tension.
- Violent behavior (a disease of ill mood).
- The disease called "PMS" Premenstrual syndrome. He gets an entrapment of fluids before the session in women.

6. Helps activate the body's immunity by stimulation of the cells that fight cancer and prevent the spread of malignant cells in the body side effects of melatonin
• The melatonin occurs a strong desire to sleep may not resist, and must be taken before going to sleep you should not drive or mechanisms of treatment with insulin.
• It prevents the use of the hormone in pregnant women and nursing mothers.
• do not use in patients with diabetes. • do not use in cases of symptoms of menopause.
• It prevents use by women who use hormone therapy.
• It prevents its use in disease Auto immune diseases. A disease of the immune system (an imbalance in his or decrease). Arthritis and other diseases, because melatonin activates the immune system, which is compounded by these diseases.
• You must consult a doctor when patients treated with tranquilizers before taking melatonin

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