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Learn about vitamins intelligence ..

Affect the quality of food provided to children in early childhood in identifying

Levels of intelligence and the ability to focus attention and have to determine

Their behavior towards the community around them, where studies have shown that nutrition

Eating foods that contain vitamins and minerals play a role

A key role in the development of the IQ level of the child, and that the child who inherited the intelligence on

His parents had a falling IQ if he did not get proper nutrition.

And U.S. researchers recently revealed that malnutrition during the first years

Age leads to a decline in IQ in children and the generation of trend

Aggressive in social behavior continue with them during childhood and to

Late adolescence, according to a study published by the American Psychiatric Association.

In the research project took 14 years, researchers from the University of South

California, led by Dr. "Jiang Hong, Liu" to track the growth of food

And behavioral and cognitive development of more than 1000 children of Indian origin

And China, Britain, France, living in the island of Mauritius

Which is located in the Indian Ocean off the African coast.

The research sample included children in the age of three, and the researchers assessed

The nutritional status of each of them by searching for specific indicators, such as

The presence of cracks in the lips or in the corners of the mouth, as an indicator of a lack of Sun

Vitamin compounds (b), or hair color, where the lack of Sun

Proteins, especially in tropical regions, to the discoloration of hair

Red, orange, as well as the thickness and density of hair, and are influenced by

Decrease in protein, zinc and iron, in addition to anemia, which indicates

Mostly for iron deficiency.

Was measured rates of awareness and intelligence of children, as the staff social workers

Visit the families of children who are their study to determine the circumstances

Their social, such as income level and education level of parents and their careers.

Upon the arrival of children ages 8, 11 and 17 years, the researchers conducted

An assessment of their behavior in school and at home, and through that evaluation concluded

Researchers that there is a fixed relationship between malnutrition and the tendency

Aggressive social behavior.
Comparing the children who were suffering from malnutrition, problems with their peers

Who were not to have these problems, it became clear that children who suffer

From malnutrition have shown aggressive behavior than their peers healthy

By 41% at the age of 8 years, an increase of 10% at

The age of 11 years, and an increase in violence by 51% at the age of 17 years.

The researchers suggest, however, that the lack of important elements such as zinc and iron

Vitamin or vehicles or (b) the lack of proteins adversely affect the growth of

The brain, leading to a lack of IQ, and the resulting behavior

Social aggression, the researchers note that the higher the degree of ill -

Nutrition, have intensified aggressiveness in social behavior.

Vitamins Colin

While some believe that the IQ level of children is born with can not be changed

In any way, because some other level of intelligence of the child to the Group

Genetic; but nutrition experts argue that there is a kind of vitamins occupy

Paramount importance in the issue of lifting the child's IQ is (vitamin Colin)

Who enters the building neurotransmitters to activate the so-called memory (acetylcholine), as this vitamin helps the formation of polyps nervous to improve memory

And increase IQ, and there is this kind of vitamins in the egg yolk

And wheat, meat, liver, fish, cheese and peanuts.

A study conducted by the Nutrition Institute of America to vitamins (b) increase

IQ also because it works on the production of energy needed for the work of the child's brain

In addition to that it was working on the production of neurotransmitters and stimulate the circulatory system

Of the brain and resist the anemia, which leads to a lack of focus.

Also, eating foods that contain vitamin (c), such as citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit and red fruits such as cherries and tomatoes

And strawberries as well as green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce and spinach

And squash and peppers also help the development of attention and neurons

Strengthen the memory, as well as the mineral had an important role in the work of the brain,

Where the phosphorus to strengthen memory and increase the focus is available in fish

And meat, eggs, poultry, dairy products, dates and fresh vegetables

As well as iodine, which affects the mental development of children and resides in Salt

Subsidized food and fish.

There are some foods that promote memory, and not nourish the body

It leads to the weakness in the memory, of these foods salmon

And eggs and some nuts and the Kaljos ** upon, and some juices, such as

Grape juice and carrot juice.

Smart user

Always difficult to draw parents in improving the quality of meals provided to children
At the age of the study, due to the commitment of children to eat food provided
Them, leads to the vulnerability of their curriculum, and nutrition experts, it is advisable
Diligence to provide diets that improve the performance and memory processes
Mental to the child, and remember these tips:

Must provide the food containing vitamins (c) and (e), after it was proven
Scientifically that the presence of these vitamins in the body helps memory significantly
In the registration and retrieval of information smoothly, and there is
Vitamin (c) in the fresh fruit and vegetables in particular, the quantities
Significant in lemon and raspberry, strawberry, guava and leafy vegetables
Different to be eaten fresh.

The vitamin (e) settlement area in abundance in vegetable oils, especially oil Jenin
In wheat, nuts and sunflower oil, tomato, spinach and milk
Soy, potatoes, broccoli and ** Article pistachios and pumpkin in the Sudanese
Mango, and vitamin (e) the impact of the activity of the cells where it is anti -
Oxidation and helps the nervous system and the quality of the arrangement of glucose
Located in the brain, which is the main brain food, and advised to
These two types of vitamins in the morning in a bed and breakfast to ensure the performance
Better for children in the study.

Breeders attention on the child to access it needed the full
Vitamin (b) private (b1) and (b2) and (b6) and (b12) which is
Play an important role in controlling the functions of the nerves, and Vitamin (b1)
In meat, whole grains, and the ** Valley tests have confirmed that heavy
Of eating whole grains lead to increased focus and mental clarity and raises
Degrees of activity, and there is (b2) in milk, liver, and leafy plants
And banana shortage may lead to a severe spasms of the child, and there are
(B12) in meat, liver, kidney and heart, eggs and poultry products
Soy is helping to formation of a myelin that covers and protects the
Parties neurological deficiency leads to delayed growth and mental retardation.

Said Dr., "Bettany Petra" - a spokeswoman for the American Institute of Nutrition
- The child receives (Omega 3) and zinc is very important for the development of intelligence
Aqeelah and activate processes, and there (Omega 3) in the salmon and tuna
Berries and seeds, olive oil, and zinc Fmtuar in eggs.

Advises d. "Bethany" depending on the salad as a substitute for forms of food
Traditional where the mother through the dish salads to provide all the elements
Required for the child and is intended here Balslatp authorities such as non-traditional
Which contains beans, cowpeas, corn, and boiled oil
Sudanese or wheat germ, eggs, fish fillets and spices, can also be
All of this blending and mixing and grounded for the preparation of a mix of sandwiches, morning, noon
With the change in forms and add this mix will appeal to children and respond to them.

And also take into account or to provide dairy products per day for children because they contain
Vitamin (d) necessary to ensure compatibility muscular and nervous system in children,
And advises, "Bethany" should be given to the submission (28) grams
Of meat animal or poultry for the children every day after the addition of lemon
Him to ensure that the child from all forms of vegetable protein
And ensure the efficiency of absorption of protein.

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