Drink daily cup of lime juice with mint

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Drink daily cup of lime juice with mint

.. And Toowol today and you Taatkrker chest and cheerful without reason

Of the benefits of mint

1 - The mint tonic for the heart and circulatory if drinking tea on a regular basis

It is also laxative of the stomach and intestines and relieve the pain of chewing teeth and removes odors mouth

2 - to eliminate the acidity of the drink cup of boiled mint without adding sugar

3 - were extracted from the summary paper mint proved useful in calming the nervous system

And pest control of the stomach and digestive system and alleviate the palpitations and general weakness and the expulsion of

Worms from the intestine and reduce colic

4 - Peppermint relieves the willing of the gases and strengthens the work of the liver, pancreas and lives cough

Chronic and calms the nerves and anger of a remover for insomnia and a diuretic as it

Good food digester

5 - proved that the mint works to reduce intestinal spasms and helps to produce

Intestinal digestive juices, so it is recommended taken after meals to help


6 - mint included in the installation of all medical ointments used to treat diseases

Skin and help relieve the pain of the feet if placed in hot water before dipping

Feet when

7 - proved to be mint Assistant uncertain at the expansion of the air in the event of injury

Colds is therefore advisable to use in the treatment of acute cold by placing a paper in the

Hot water and drink tea, or add the tea leaves

8 - For the benefit of peppermint tea during the preparation is advisable not to boil the leaves, but

Is recommended that boiling water is poured on paper, mint and add some sugar and then left

For two minutes before drinking ....

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