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According to the Federal Assembly of preventive medicine and health promotion - a Germany-profit - after a systematic review of the results of clinical trials, to exercise on a regular basis is the most effective way to reduce risk and exposure rates for older persons fall.

Included periodic 111 experience clinical attended by 55303 people published in the group, "Cochrane the Library," a group of medical databases based on the evidence, the organization "Cochrane Collaboration" independent charity in England update them regularly.

And reduced the systematic practice of exercises likely to fall by 17 percent to 35 percent. It turns out that sports (Tai Chi) yield the best results in this respect, since reduced the number of times of exposure to fall by 37 percent and the risk of falls by 35 percent, while the use of preventive action, such as eating vitamin pills "d" or to improve safety procedures inside the house, had a minor impact .

The authors said the review to be about thirty percent, almost of people over the age of sixty-fifth of those who spend most of their time indoors are exposed to the fall of once a year.

It should be noted that exposure to fall often have implications psychological and long-term psychological, such as the slow pace similar to broken bones to heal and loss of confidence in the ability to move.

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