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Consists of lentil in nutritional value of 28% protein, and 58% carbohydrate, and 1% fat, and also full of minerals.

Lentil plant is considered healthy foods that give energy to the human being, It has a large value of vegetable protein.

Lentil by high-calorie so it helps the growth of rights and strengthening the body and teeth.

The best way to eat lentils is that the soup and eat at the forefront of food.
If you eat lentils with shelled seeds is very useful for those who have weak nerves, as it tonic for the nervous system.

Lentils filled with iron, which helps the body to make hemoglobin and strengthen the blood to increase the health of the body, and its calcium helps the growth of children.

If a person is vegetarian and eat a meal without rice or lentil bread shall be deemed to have reached the body and a full meal protein and rich.

Those who suffer from constipation Vakecor if I eat lentil soup through the Ishvihm.

The benefits of lentils:
1 contains a high proportion of protein is essential for body building
2 contains many vitamins, especially vitamin (b) the composite
3 - a diuretic
4 plays an important role in strengthening the nervous system
5 helps to strengthen bones and teeth
6 assists in strengthening the blood
7 peel lentil useful in the fight against constipation
8 serves to increase the weight of children and help in the prevention of dental necrosis
9 - and also contains some minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamin "A"
10 - and is the most visible in the benefits of lentils in the high content of fiber as it reduces cholesterol absorption in the intestines
11 - - dealing with lentil soup, protects against the tumors, God willing,

The benefits of lentils for heart disease and diabetes

According to the latest research and studies in the field of nutrition, especially that the addition of lentils, and legumes in general, to food, protects the heart and reduces the chances of exposure to crises and serious health problems.

The researchers found that the risk of men and women who Azbwa to eat beans and lentils, in particular, to four times a week, coronary heart disease over 19 years, less 22 per cent, compared with those who ate once a week.

They noted that after the medical examinations on the 9600 U.S. healthy non-cardiac disease, the blood pressure readings and total cholesterol in people who love lentils and pulses,

Was less than that of others, as the elevated exposure to diabetes or hypertension.
The lentils of the most expensive and richest pulses at all in nutrients, it is equivalent to meat in terms of nutritional value,

But do in some ways because it contains a carbohydrate and protein and fat and Albuminoidal Also, these elements make the amount of lentils do not exceed 50 grams gives 333 calories, therefore, recommended as a staple food for those who are making strenuous efforts of muscle.
He pointed out that lentils also contains calcium, phosphorus and iron, which serves to strengthen bones and teeth, blood and nerves,

Shelled seeds also help in the fight against constipation and urine and treatment of anemia and anemia, pointing out that it is not suitable for obese patients and intestinal weak and sick stomach, liver, kidney and gall bladder

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