Abdominal gas - their causes and methods of prevention

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Abdominal gas - their causes and methods of prevention

That pain arising from the expansion of the stomach or intestine, and the accumulation of air or other gases, inferred from the expansion of the abdomen or a swollen abdomen Balasah ..

Infants and children, both of whom were fed on breast milk or bottle-fed babies swallow air as they drink the milk-fed or
This may cause a bit of harassment, if not thrown out by following the air (the club) and that are known to the public (Baltkira), so that the baby bears on the shoulder and gently pat on the back twice during breastfeeding, and once at the end

And produce gas in the intestine for fermentation of food waste with bacteria (flora) that grow and live in the colon normally ..


• ingestion of air with the speed of eating ..
• over-eating.
• Food is lacking in balance.
• foods containing pungent spices.
Foods corrupt.
• Drinking water during a meal ..
• soft drinks ..
• Eat in the case of fatigue or emotional stress.
• Eat foods that are not digested well and leave behind residues brewing, such as onions, beans and cabbage.
• Eat some drinks containing yeast Kalperp.
• Too much milk and dairy products Kalla coward and dairy products.
• Too much high-fiber foods such as grains and vegetables ..
It can relieve the use of harassment and one of the few simple treatments, such as eating to fill a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water. Or fill a glass of water carburetor and simple.

And if they (Alkrbp) arising from the use of aspirin for a cold or headache, the bicarbonate of soda as signified by the above might be feasible and practical. Or one can be distracted from the normal use of aspirin to aspirin (Almsdod) instead, and this type of aspirin, which does not result in any gas, which is sold in pharmacies.
And enemas and laxatives, and other methods of self-healing the strongest direct effect may be useless and harmful.

In all cases of stomach or abdomen pain, it there is the possibility of the presence of ulcer or inflammation of the excess worms or other serious situation. Perhaps made worse Zariea exacerbated by self-medication, as mentioned above (ie, that the patient will automatically cure itself without reference to the doctor) and many acute pain relapse of the patient, especially if severe, require medical care and specialist as soon as possible.
Some ways to treat abdominal gas and herbal medicinal plants and oils:

1. Drinking Tea (Anise - Alonison):
Drinking star anise tea - Alonison sweeten with sugar reduces the strength of gases, and attend the boiling method Cathal anise tea business completely, but on condition that leaves to a boil on the fire for 5 minutes.
Also willing Anise useful in the treatment of colic caused by poor digestion.

2. Chamomile Flowers:
Drinking emulsion flowers chamomile expelled gas abdomen, and removes the pain of colic, resulting therefrom, and equip the emulsion by half a tablespoon of flowers, chamomile, also known flowers cat eye, for each cup of water, hot to boiling point, and left for five minutes before Besvy emulsion hot, do not drink him no more than two cups per day with the need to refrain from smoking, coffee or tea

3. Orange blossom water:
The water of orange blossom rose 5 points per cup of drinking water removes the gas completely, and orange blossom water sold in bottles are sterile and wrapped with sophisticated shops Perfumery

4. Nigella sativa:
Placed cumin or black seed ground well in the food, and serve to expel wind and bloating. In view of the black bean contain essential oils benefit significantly in the treatment.

5. Water circuit:
Water circuit boiled with fenugreek seeds and output them benefit in the treatment of colic viewer from the wind, and lubricate the intestines, and drink this boiled preparation of tea ring with the addition of a little sugar to it, and then only by cup after breakfast directly, and another cup after dinner directly as well as when symptoms of Gas the abdomen.

6. Tea epithymum:
That drinking tea Saatar with a little sugar to go and analyze the wind and colic.

7. Crushed fennel:
Add fennel to the cooked food after heating directly (before the rest) expelled gases and the rate of one teaspoon of crushed fennel good food that Vzk Tabok each suit medium-sized food

8. Fennel
Given boiled fennel for children Khaknp enema to relieve intestinal colic resulting from flatulence and colic, when the child knows (Almmghos), so that we see the child Ikmc and raise the knees to the abdomen with pain accompanied by tears.

9. Cinnamon:
Drinking tea with cinnamon go intestinal colic, and removes the wind.

10. Coriander:
According drenched 25-30 grams of coriander (coriander) dry ground in a liter of water for the treatment of indigestion, abdominal bloating and wind, drink

11. Latency:
For the treatment of abdominal cramps and expulsion of gases and wind, put a tablespoon of cumin in a liter of water, and boiled on the fire, taken from this boiling half a cup before eating half hours, three times a day an average of one dose before each meal. For a period of two weeks complementary so that we can bring this treatment as a result excellent.
12 -. Rapeseed - Alsham:
Dealt with rapeseed or what is known as herbal seed Sham, and Almsahon well with the same volume of sugar (gram seed and drew grams sugar), or the equivalent of a teaspoon of each. Considers hampered the - Sfofa enough time to expel the large wind and then after a few drinks of water to remove.
This recipe and see taken in the middle of a meal for patients and prevent diabetes.

13. Lemon:
Drinking lemon juice or what is known Ballimonadp is a strong repellent gas

14. Marjoram leaves and branches:
Tea (Marjoram - or Mzrnco) with a little sugar removes the wind heavy, and works this tea by adding one teaspoon of leaves and branches of marjoram to a cup of hot water to boiling and then left to rest (cool down) for five minutes, drink it 2-3 cups a day after Eat immediately

15. Emulsion Mint - Peppermint:
Emulsion mint tea - mint of the best medicines for the treatment and expulsion of intestinal gas.
And attend this emulsion put a teaspoon of mint in a cup of hot water to boiling and then left to cool for five minutes after sweeten with sugar
And drink this tea or emulsion of 2-3 cups a day after eating directly.

16. Parsley sticks:
Audin chewing parsley - fresh Mekdons (green) immediately after eating is a simple remedy, but in spite of its simplicity and cheap cost, the good effect to the elimination of abdominal gas, and after a short period of eating parsley.

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