Flat Foot (Flat Foot)

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Flat Foot (Flat Foot)

القدم المسطحة (فلات فوت)

* Filat missed:
- Flat Foot is a normal condition occurs for many people. The beginning of the infancy and pre-walking is a Flat Foot is a natural condition, where is not in this period of growth for part of the curve in the bottom of the foot.

- This section begins to grow during childhood, and after the age of puberty is the proportion of people affected by foot flat 1: 7 persons.
- Is a natural foot shape, flexible, and shows part of the curve in the foot when standing on the fingers.
- In cases of severe foot flat and inflexible, they require more attention.
- Most cases of various flat-foot do not be painful and do not cause any problems.
- There are some cases of flat-foot shall be accompanied by another case, a twisted palm down.
- Can occur pain in the bottom of the foot or in the back of the man, especially in children and this could be the result of injury foot flat and must resort to medical advice.

* Prevention:
- Most cases of flat foot can not be avoided.

* Symptoms:

- No part of the curve in the bottom of the foot and that appears clearly during the stand.
- Be attached to a good foot with the land.
- Curvature foot significantly to the inside during the stand.

* Treatment:
- The case of regular flat-foot is not treated in most cases.
- In the case of foot pain because of this situation, you can definitely use that cover the boot at the bottom of it helps to relieve the pain of the foot.
- For amateur sport, running and footwear for this situation and help to ease the pain during the long run.
- Cases of flat-foot is the general situations and do not cause any problems.
- But in cases of non-flexible foot can occur associated with some of the problems must consult a doctor in this case

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