Stay close to the smokers increases the risk of heart disease

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Stay close to the smokers increases the risk of heart disease

May not be aware of persons of non-smokers who live or know or are close to the smokers, the risk of exposure to cigarette smoke on their health, but the new study confirms that exposure to passive smoking, even in small quantities, may cause a dangerous and lethal changes in the circulatory system for non-smokers, which includes the heart and blood vessels.

Although the immediate effects of this exposure, may be reflected in a few hours, the researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, that passive smoking, or exposure to cigarette smoke for long periods of time, may cause devastating complications of the heart, especially increasing the chances of heart attack and stroke.

They said that the effects of passive smoking is worse than believed, it also increases the risk of injury Kalgeltp coronary heart, or hardening of the arteries in the long run, arguing that chronic exposure to tobacco smoke either in cigarettes or water pipe, damaging the health of the rate of 80 per cent of the proportion in which it affects smoking a whole pack of them every day.

The experts in the magazine "Serkyulishn" published by the American Heart Association, the cardiovascular system in humans is very sensitive to toxins found in cigarette smoke, which is exposed to a non-smoker person and most of the toxic effects of passive smoking occur during the first five minutes of exposure.

The researchers found 29 reviewed medical study on the impact of passive smoking on the cardiovascular, published since 1995, compared the impact of exposure to cigarette smoke with the impact of smoking, that there is sufficient evidence that the main characteristics of the cardiovascular Kaltkther, and the ability of blood vessels to change the size and hardness , and hardening of the arteries, oxidative stress, and inflammation and heart palpitations, and energy production and the severity of a heart attack, all sensitive to toxins found in cigarette smoke.

He cautioned that these effects of exposure to short for a few minutes or hours of passive smoking are often large at 80 to 90 per cent of chronic smoking, noting that people who suffer from weakness of the heart and coronary arteries may face a higher risk if they are found in an environment of smokers and are exposed to crises immediate sharp.

The researchers stressed that non-smokers are more sensitive to the impact of tobacco smoke from smokers themselves, may be these effects are sometimes stronger and more

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