Some dishes that satisfy not provide us with more than 300 thermal units

First: vegetable soup.

Second: baked potatoes with black beans.

Third: oats.

Fourth: beans with green peppers, onions and sauce.

Fifth: pasta with shrimp and vegetables.

Sixth: a vegetable omelet consisting of:
(Blank three eggs two spoons of food from low-fat milk, half a cup of tea Almoktapulftr section of spinach and tomatoes, is heated a little spray oil in a pan and then poured the scrambled eggs with milk, then after a little frozen vegetables are added to it and some salt to taste ).

VII: chicken with vegetables:
(Chicken breasts boiled and cooked with rice, carrots and peas).

VIII: mix fruit with milk:
(Keep Balkhalat the amount of half a cup of orange slices with half a chopped banana and a half cup of frozen blueberries and half a cup of skim milk).

IX: Pizza vegetables.

X.: The Power Chef:
(Two cups of spinach leaves and fresh lettuce and a half cup of each type of raw vegetables such as broccoli favorite / peppers / mushrooms / carrots / tomatoes,
Add hard boiled egg and a slice of turkey, Mortadella and the amount of food tablespoons Mozzarella cheese Almbroc).

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