Tobacco: why stop

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Tobacco: why stop

Approximately 66 000 deaths in France are attributed to tobacco. Worse, the rise in female smoking mortality seems unstoppable: if you do not stop smoking in fifteen years there as many female deaths from lung cancer than breast cancer.

Smokers know how difficult it is to get rid of this dependency, so they drop out before it even begins! Do not hesitate, once the decision to seek medical advice (1).

Stop smoking without putting on weight
Smoking is spending 200 calories per day and when you stop the cravings is similar to that of hunger that makes us eat more.
Candies, gums are nicotine replacement products (such Nicorette gum 2mg and 4mg) that limit weight gain by managing risk at times. Patches (Nicopatch Laboratories Pierre Fabre) and inhaler (Nicorette home) are also interesting because they diffuse continuous nicotine in the body. A doctor may also prescribe Zyban for 2 months. It works effectively as an anti-hunger. After this difficult period, the desire to snack will not disappear but they will be less severe and frequent, and thus more easily manageable. Think Snack "smart" (yogurt, apples, eggs etc..) And play sports.

Another solution: gradually reduce its consumption
The Nicorette brand launched in 2004, gums and inhalers consistent with a reduction in the number of cigarettes. Taking these alternatives would, according to the mark, "reduce consumption by limiting the effects of withdrawal and lack," thus constituting "a first step to a complete stop. Nicorette Gum 2mg and 4mg and 10mg Nicorette inhaler. The stoppage must be tried within 6 months after starting treatment and if smoking was not observed in 6 weeks, consult a physician.

The benefits of smoking cessation
- From 24 hours, blood levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide fell by half. The oxygenation of body tissues is better and your complexion becomes clearer. The lungs have already begun to eliminate toxic substances (carbon, tar etc..) Cause cancer.
- After 2 hours at 12 weeks, the body has completely eliminated the nicotine. You gradually find the smell and taste, you breathe better and improves blood flow (hence complexion net)
- After 9 months, the respiratory capacity increased by 10% thereby reducing the risk of bronchitis and "clarifies" the voice.
- After 5 years the risk of lung cancer has been halved

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