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1. A wrinkle is a fissure that formed in the skin.
2. It can be caused by early contraction more or less permanent muscle expression, and reversible when you release the tension of these muscles.
3. It may be definitive signs of skin aging.

The different lines:
The expression lines:

1. These are fine lines, rather nice, at the corner of the eyes and mouth in people with thin skin and smile broadly.
2. They are also deeper wrinkles and vertical front among those who often wrinkled eyebrows, particularly the frown lines.

The ripples of aged skin:

1. They are due to rupture of elastic fibers and change the quality of supporting collagen.
2. The skin loses its ability to resume its initial tension after the attacks and movements. It is refined and constantly keeps the folds, which are growing slowly.

What can you do:

Protecting the skin from an early age against the effects of the sun, the wind dries out, and not smoking (smoking prevents cells to repair all their injuries).
When wrinkles are still moderate and elastic skin:

1. Care accelerating the renewal of the surface layer have a smoothing effect of varying importance, which deserves to be tried, unless they decided to call the surgery as soon as the results will fade. In this case, the specialist may advise you to be immediately intervention on skin that goes to extend it.
2. Cosmetics to fruit acids improve the overall appearance and help slow down their appearance.
3. Once wrinkles installed, your doctor may prescribe a cream with vitamin A acid (acid trétinoïque), more difficult to bear, but that impact may be more constant. It is an intermediary:
4. Peels, made by the doctor himself, and dermabrasion.

For wrinkles installed:

* If your desire is only to improve things in a natural way, the above methods are valid.
* The means of aesthetic medicine include: injections of collagen, filling the facelift.
* Another technique involves injecting a toxin called Botox. The wrinkle disappears in a few days, but it is necessary to renew it after 3 to 6 months.

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